Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* */*: Reassign dolsen's packagesMichał Górny2019-09-131-4/+1
* */*: Remove python3_4 PYTHON_COMPAT correctlyMichał Górny2019-04-171-2/+2
* update pypi HOMEPAGE to avoid redirectionMichael Mair-Keimberger2018-04-261-1/+1
* Replace with in HOMEPAGEMike Gilbert2018-04-191-1/+1
* dev-python/txgithub: Remove useless maintainer <description/>Michał Górny2018-02-111-1/+0
* dev-python/*: Update Manifest hashesMichał Górny2017-12-091-1/+1
* dev-python/txgithub: Add python3_{4,5,6}Brian Dolbec2017-05-151-1/+1
* dev-python/txgithub: Clean old versions upMichał Górny2017-05-021-23/+0
* Globally add missing remote ID references to metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2017-04-291-1/+2
* Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.Robin H. Johnson2017-02-282-2/+0
* dev-python/txgithub: Fix twisted dep, add python_test()Brian Dolbec2016-12-241-0/+30
* dev-python/txgithub: Fix metadata.xml email address typoBrian Dolbec2016-10-211-1/+1
* dev-python/txgithub: New package, dep of buildbot-0.9Brian Dolbec2016-08-093-0/+45