Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* dev-ros/qt_gui_cpp: fix rpath leakAlexis Ballier12 days1-0/+1
* dev-ros/qt_gui_cpp: convert to python-single-r1Alexis Ballier2020-07-291-2/+2
* dev-ros/qt_gui_cpp: fix buildAlexis Ballier2020-07-291-0/+3
* dev-ros/qt_gui_cpp: bump eapiAlexis Ballier2020-07-151-4/+3
* dev-ros/qt_gui_cpp: add missing := dep on tinyxml2 and console bridgeAlexis Ballier2017-12-281-1/+3
* Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.Robin H. Johnson2017-02-281-1/+0
* dev-ros/qt_gui_cpp: switch live ebuild to qt5, bump deps according to upstreamAlexis Ballier2016-04-051-4/+4
* dev-ros/qt_gui_cpp: Add missing qtgui dep. Bug #562900.Alexis Ballier2015-11-021-0/+1
* dev-ros/qt_gui_cpp: Initial import. Ebuild by me.Alexis Ballier2015-09-231-0/+32