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* *.eclass: @ECLASS-VARIABLE renamed to @ECLASS_VARIABLEUlrich Müller2022-03-241-4/+4
* verify-sig.eclass: Link to the guideMichał Górny2022-02-251-1/+5
* verify-sig.eclass: Add a function to verify pure checksumsMichał Górny2022-02-161-7/+38
* verify-sig.eclass: add app-crypt/signify supportAnna Vyalkova2021-12-191-31/+112
* verify-sig.eclass: Fix the example to use BROOTMichał Górny2021-07-291-1/+1
* verify-sig.eclass: Enable EAPI 8 supportMichał Górny2021-07-021-11/+5
* verify-sig.eclass: Support verifying checksum listsMichał Górny2020-11-081-1/+54
* verify-sig.eclass: Add a function to verify PGP signed messagesMichał Górny2020-11-081-0/+36
* verify-sig.eclass: Account for verifying stdinMichał Górny2020-11-031-1/+3
* verify-sig.eclass: Predict attempted writes to /run/userMichał Górny2020-10-311-0/+5
* verify-sig.eclass: allow .asc PGP signaturesJoonas Niilola2020-10-141-1/+1
* verify-sig.eclass: Fix eclassdocMichał Górny2020-10-101-2/+0
* verify-sig.eclass: New eclass to verify OpenPGP sigsMichał Górny2020-10-101-0/+177