Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* gui-apps/tuigreet: keyword 0.6.1 for ~riscvStijn Tintel2021-09-181-1/+1
* **/metadata.xml: Replace http by https in DOCTYPE elementUlrich Müller2021-09-111-1/+1
* gui-apps/tuigreet: version bump to 0.6.1Andrea Perego2021-07-202-0/+226
* */*: Add proxied="yes" for peopleMichał Górny2021-03-161-1/+1
* */*: Add 'proxied="proxy"' for proxy-maint projectMichał Górny2021-03-161-1/+1
* gui-apps/tuigreet: version bump to 0.2.0Aisha Tammy2020-10-172-0/+85
* gui-apps/tuigreet: drop old versionAisha Tammy2020-07-202-65/+0
* gui-apps/tuigreet: version bump to 0.1.1Aisha Tammy2020-07-202-0/+87
* gui-apps/tuigreet: add QA_FLAGS_IGNOREDGeorgy Yakovlev2020-07-021-0/+2
* gui-apps/tuigreet: add missing crate depGeorgy Yakovlev2020-07-022-0/+2
* gui-apps/tuigreet: add ~ppc64 keywordGeorgy Yakovlev2020-07-021-1/+1
* gui-apps/tuigreet: standalone terminal ui for greetdAisha Tammy2020-07-023-0/+112