Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* media-sound/alsaplayer: Remove retired redhatter@ from maint, #570178Michał Górny2015-12-301-4/+0
* media-sound/gnome-sound-recorder: Fix COMMON_DEPEND/RDEPEND/DEPEND usage (#56...Pacho Ramos2015-12-291-1/+1
* media-sound/pavucontrol: ppc stable wrt bug #568750Agostino Sarubbo2015-12-261-1/+1
* media-sound/pavucontrol: x86 stable wrt bug #568750Agostino Sarubbo2015-12-251-1/+1
* media-sound/pavucontrol: amd64 stable wrt bug #568750Agostino Sarubbo2015-12-251-1/+1
* media-sound/apulse: version bump to 0.1.7Daniel Campbell2015-12-252-0/+42
* media-sound/audacious: Remove oldManuel Rüger2015-12-242-63/+0
* media-sound/qmmp: Removed old.Lars Wendler2015-12-242-135/+0
* media-sound/qmmp: Bump to versions 0.9.5 and 1.0.4Lars Wendler2015-12-243-0/+264
* media-sound/murmur: Bump to version 1.2.12Lars Wendler2015-12-242-0/+135
* media-sound/mumble: Bump to version 1.2.12Lars Wendler2015-12-242-0/+129
* media-sound/guimup: Fix building with latest glibmm/libsigc++Pacho Ramos2015-12-241-8/+12
* media-sound/mangler: Fix building with latest glibmm/libsigc++Pacho Ramos2015-12-231-7/+4
* media-sound/gejengel: Fix building with latest glibmm/libsigc++Pacho Ramos2015-12-231-1/+2
* media-sound/amsynth: Fix building with latest glibmm/libsigc++Pacho Ramos2015-12-231-2/+2
* media-sound/gtkguitune: Fix building with latest glibmm/libsigc++Pacho Ramos2015-12-231-5/+8
* media-sound/patchage: Fix building with latest glibmm/libsigc++Pacho Ramos2015-12-231-1/+2
* media-sound/spek: WhitespacePatrick Lauer2015-12-211-1/+1
* media-sound/lastfmplayer: use correct version of lreleaseMichael Palimaka2015-12-211-2/+2
* Replace all remaining mirror://berlios with mirror://gentooMichał Górny2015-12-202-2/+4
* media-sound/pavumeter: Fix building with latest glibmm/libsigc++ (#568592)Pacho Ramos2015-12-191-4/+4
* media-sound/paprefs: Fix building with latest glibmm/libsigc++ (#568590)Pacho Ramos2015-12-191-3/+4
* media-sound/pavucontrol: Fix building with latest glibmm/libsigc++ (#567216)Pacho Ramos2015-12-191-0/+2
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/459'.Patrice Clement2015-12-192-0/+68
| * media-sound/musescore: 2.0.2 bumpAlex Xu2015-12-112-0/+68
* | media-sound/murmur: Removed old.Lars Wendler2015-12-162-135/+0
* | media-sound/murmur: Bump to version 1.2.11Lars Wendler2015-12-162-0/+135
* | media-sound/mumble: Removed old.Lars Wendler2015-12-163-256/+0
* | media-sound/mumble: Bump to version 1.2.11Lars Wendler2015-12-162-0/+129
* | media-sound/qtagger: amd64 stable wrt bug #566238Agostino Sarubbo2015-12-161-1/+1
* | media-sound/qtagger: fix opening help fileMichael Palimaka2015-12-161-0/+44
* | media-sound/qtractor: bump to 0.7.2; enable qt5 by default per upstream defaultAlexis Ballier2015-12-152-0/+78
* media-sound/spotify: adding zenety for file pickingMatthew Thode2015-12-091-0/+2
* media-sound/audex: update HOMEPAGE and SRC_URIMichael Palimaka2015-12-101-2/+2
* media-sound/forked-daapd: Use antlr 3.5 instead of earlier versionJames Le Cuirot2015-12-062-4/+88
* media-sound/spotify: bup/clean bug 567548Matthew Thode2015-12-042-3/+3
* media-sound/ncmpcpp: Version bump.Jeroen Roovers2015-12-042-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/joe-konno-gitlab/topic/gentoo-565434-v2'Tony Vroon2015-12-015-0/+224
| * media-sound/alsa-tools: version bump to 1.1.0Joe Konno2015-11-252-0/+144
| * media-sound/alsa-utils: version bump to 1.1.0Joe Konno2015-11-253-0/+80
* | media-sound/flacon: remove oldIlya Tumaykin2015-11-304-196/+0
* | media-sound/flacon: version bump to 1.2.0 wrt bug #547054, update liveIlya Tumaykin2015-11-307-27/+332
* | media-sound/xmms2: fix build failure against stable libmodplug, bug #536046Sergei Trofimovich2015-11-273-0/+22
* | media-sound/csound: drop oldSergey Popov2015-11-279-599/+0
* | media-sound/csound: fix virtual/jdk dependency warningSergey Popov2015-11-271-1/+1
* | media-sound/csound: fix underlinking on libmSergey Popov2015-11-272-0/+56
* | media-sound/pianobar: version bump to 2015.11.22Tim Harder2015-11-263-2/+55
* | media-sound/flacon: Add Coacher as co-maintainer to metadataIan Delaney2015-11-261-0/+5
* media-sound/mpd: alpha stable wrt bug #563296Agostino Sarubbo2015-11-231-1/+1
* media-sound/qsynth: add missing dependencyMichael Palimaka2015-11-231-2/+4