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* metdata/repoman/*: Add current API version and minimum repoman version infoBrian Dolbec2017-08-173-1/+16
| | | | | | | | With teh version field, repoman can check that it meets the API compatibility requirements of the metadata/repoman file(s). The minimum repoman_version is output in the repoman error message if the currently installed repoman is not capable of handling all the file & data features.
* metadata/repoman: Whitespace cleanupBrian Dolbec2017-08-173-25/+25
* metadata/repoman: Add new linechecks.yaml fileBrian Dolbec2017-07-151-0/+272
* metadata/repoman: Add new repository.yaml cofiguration fileBrian Dolbec2017-07-151-0/+71
| | | | This file is used to enable/disable scan_modules and linechecks modules.
* metadata/repoman: Add new qa_data.yaml fileBrian Dolbec2017-07-151-0/+282
This file holds the main qa_data, defining the scope and help text of the variuos errors and warnings. This is the initial port of the data from