Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net-dns/dnsmasq: REmove old (security bug #766126)Patrick McLean2021-01-281-207/+0
* */*: Drop most stable hppa keywordsMatt Turner2020-12-311-1/+1
* */*: limit pkgs not migrated to lua eclasses to dev-lang/lua:0Marek Szuba2020-12-151-1/+1
* net-dns/dnsmasq: stable 2.81 for hppa, bug #721694Rolf Eike Beer2020-05-161-1/+1
* net-dns/dnsmasq: arm64 stable (bug #721694)Sam James (sam_c)2020-05-141-1/+1
* net-dns/dnsmasq: x86 stable wrt bug #721694Agostino Sarubbo2020-05-121-1/+1
* net-dns/dnsmasq: arm stable wrt bug #721694Agostino Sarubbo2020-05-111-1/+1
* net-dns/dnsmasq: amd64 stable wrt bug #721694Agostino Sarubbo2020-05-111-1/+1
* net-dns/dnsmasq: stable 2.81 for sparc, bug #721694Rolf Eike Beer2020-05-101-1/+1
* net-dns/dnsmasq: stable 2.81 for ppc64, bug #721694Sergei Trofimovich2020-05-091-1/+1
* net-dns/dnsmasq: stable 2.81 for ppc, bug #721694Sergei Trofimovich2020-05-091-1/+1
* net-dns/dnsmasq-2.81: Version bumpPatrick McLean2020-04-121-0/+207