Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* */*: Normalize metadata.xml filesMichał Górny2021-03-161-1/+1
* net-misc/kafkacat: clean up old.Patrice Clement2021-01-152-29/+0
* net-misc/kafkacat: stable for amd64.Patrice Clement2021-01-151-2/+2
* net-misc/kafkacat: fix metadataWilliam Hubbs2020-01-311-1/+1
* net-misc/kafkacat: take maintainership, add avro supportWilliam Hubbs2020-01-312-4/+12
* dev-libs/kafkacat: remove accidental commitWilliam Hubbs2020-01-311-3/+1
* dev-libs/avro-c: c library for apache avro data serialization systemWilliam Hubbs2020-01-311-1/+3
* net-misc/kafkacat: Version bump to 1.5.0Manuel Rüger2019-09-182-0/+29
* net-misc/*: Update Manifest hashesMichał Górny2017-12-101-1/+1
* net-misc/kafkacat: Drop myself as a maintainerManuel Rüger2017-07-231-4/+1
* Globally add missing remote ID references to metadata.xmlJustin Lecher2017-04-291-1/+4
* net-misc/kafkacat: Initial commitManuel Rüger2017-04-253-0/+40