Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net-misc/sshrc: fix function declaration style (braces)Sam James2021-04-212-6/+4
* */*: Add proxied="yes" for peopleMichał Górny2021-03-161-1/+1
* */*: Add 'proxied="proxy"' for proxy-maint projectMichał Górny2021-03-161-1/+1
* net-misc/sshrc: amd64 stable wrt bug #660340Mikle Kolyada2019-01-031-2/+2
* net-misc/sshrc: x86 stable (bug #660340)Thomas Deutschmann2018-12-291-2/+2
* net-misc/sshrc: version bump to 0.6.2.Tact Yoshida2018-07-212-0/+25
* net-misc/sshrc: Remove useless maintainer <description/>Michał Górny2018-02-111-2/+0
* net-misc/*: Update Manifest hashesMichał Górny2017-12-101-1/+1
* Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.Robin H. Johnson2017-02-281-1/+0
* net-misc/sshrc: add comment to force manifest regenerationMichael Palimaka2016-10-151-0/+1
* net-misc/sshrc: Added maintainerAlice Ferrazzi2016-10-071-0/+6
* net-misc/sshrc: New packageAlice Ferrazzi2016-10-073-0/+44