Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* net-vpn/i2pd: 2.13.0 version bumpAlexey Korepanov2017-04-102-0/+99
* net-vpn/wireguard: bumpJason A. Donenfeld2017-04-093-3/+3
* net-vpn/i2p: remove old 0.9.26 and 0.9.27.Tom Li2017-04-089-460/+0
* net-vpn/i2p: version bump to 0.9.29.Tom Li2017-04-086-0/+248
* net-vpn/tor: remove older versionsAnthony G. Basile2017-04-083-158/+0
* net-vpn/tor: version bump to G. Basile2017-04-082-0/+75
* net-vpn/openvpn: Version bump to 2.4.1Manuel RĂ¼ger2017-04-052-0/+158
* net-vpn/peervpn: revbump to 0.044-r3 with patch for 512 byte passwordsZac Medico2017-03-302-1/+96
* net-dialup/pptpd: move to net-vpn/pptpdSergey Popov2017-03-278-0/+232
* net-vpn/wireguard: bumpJason A. Donenfeld2017-03-242-1/+1
* net-vpn/wireguard: bumpJason A. Donenfeld2017-03-202-1/+1
* net-vpn/wireguard: bumpJason A. Donenfeld2017-03-202-1/+1
* Second half of net-vpn/ moveJason A. Donenfeld2017-03-17106-0/+3870
* Move VPN packages into net-vpn/Jason A. Donenfeld2017-03-17128-0/+6884