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* sci-libs/dlib: Add missing PYTHON_REQUIRED_USEMichał Górny2019-08-131-0/+1
* */*: Remove python3_4 PYTHON_COMPAT correctlyMichał Górny2019-04-172-3/+3
* sci-libs/dlib: version bump 19.16 fixing Python installChris Mayo2019-03-022-0/+109
* sci-libs/dlib: Version bump to 19.9Tony Vroon2018-07-133-0/+77
* sci-libs: Update Manifest hashes.Ulrich Müller2017-12-101-2/+2
* sci-libs/dlib: version bump 19.7Amy Liffey2017-11-062-0/+71
* sci-libs/dlib: fixed more cuda stuffSébastien Fabbro2017-07-272-5/+7
* sci-libs/dlib: version bumpSébastien Fabbro2017-07-276-127/+77
* Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.Robin H. Johnson2017-02-282-2/+0
* Set appropriate maintainer types in metadata.xml (GLEP 67)Michał Górny2016-01-241-1/+1
* Replace all herds with appropriate projects (GLEP 67)Michał Górny2016-01-241-1/+4
* Revert DOCTYPE SYSTEM https changes in metadata.xmlMike Gilbert2015-08-241-1/+1
* Use https by defaultJustin Lecher2015-08-241-1/+1
* proj/gentoo: Initial commitRobin H. Johnson2015-08-085-0/+141