Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* sys-boot/milo: Port to EAPI=7Matt Turner2019-11-121-8/+9
* sys-boot/milo: Inline mirror://kernelMichał Górny2019-10-051-1/+1
* */*: Specify EAPI=0 explicitly, to ease grepsMichał Górny2018-05-011-1/+3
* sys-boot/milo: [QA] Do not install 'LICENSE'David Seifert2017-11-271-2/+2
* Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.Robin H. Johnson2017-02-281-1/+0
* fix quoting to a lot of patch callsMike Frysinger2017-01-201-3/+3
* Use https by defaultJustin Lecher2015-08-241-2/+2
* proj/gentoo: Initial commitRobin H. Johnson2015-08-081-0/+232