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* As explained in bug 456318, numpy is really a dependency when compiling code ...Michał Górny2013-02-093-12/+18
* Applied reworked upstream patch by Matěj Laitl to fix a crash on startup rel...Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto2013-01-144-17/+64
* Revision bump adds upstream patch to fix crash when building project if qt is...Johannes Huber2012-05-074-7/+99
* [media-sound/amarok-2.5.0-r1] Added missing libofa dependency and configure s...Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto2011-12-313-13/+26
* [media-sound/amarok] Drop the player use flag until upstream allows toJorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto2011-12-285-18/+291
* Version bump, removing betas. Support for dirfile plugin through sci-libs/get...Dominik Kapusta2010-09-134-84/+20
* Initial commit for getdata. Ebuild by Matěj Laitl <> (bug #...Dominik Kapusta2010-09-134-0/+77
* fix typo in pkg_preinst as pointed out by Matěj Laitl #214401Mike Frysinger2008-03-232-6/+6
* Added a patch to correct an automagic dependency on libgpod. Thanks to Matěj...Wulf Krueger2007-09-0912-3020/+86
* use latest init.d script - fixes bug #189698. thanks M Laitl.Thilo Bangert2007-08-223-11/+14
* version bump, thanks go to Matej Laitl <> in bug 185553, als...Stefan Schweizer2007-07-177-15/+274
* Version bump as per bug 181553. Ebuild submitted by Matěj Laitl. Thanks, Mat...Wulf Krueger2007-06-186-11/+178
* Fix broken build with --as-needed, thanks to Matej Laitl <strohel at gmail do...Alin Năstac2007-04-294-13/+33
* version bump thanks to Francisco Lloret <> and Matej Laitl ...Stefan Schweizer2006-08-164-5/+113