Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* xf86-video-armsoc: Fix git serverdevSteev Klimaszewski2013-10-182-3/+5
* firefox: Import firefox from ssvb's overlay. WebGL doesn't work.Steev Klimaszewski2013-08-137-0/+1003
* chromium: Initial WIP of chromium 28 for hardfloat+neonSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-1310-0/+821
* xf86-video-armsoc: Fix to build with the new xorg-server in this overlaySteev Klimaszewski2013-08-132-5/+2
* xorg-server: add -opengl and patches from chromiumosSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-1310-0/+660
* mali-drivers-bin: Include udev rule for mali0 deviceSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-133-1/+6
* mesa: Add ssvb's modified mesa with -opengl supportSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-125-0/+545
* libdrm: Fix keywords and re-manifestSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-072-2/+3
* mesa: Remove keywords and re-manifestSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-072-2/+3
* mesa: Add patches to fix building with llvm 3.3Steev Klimaszewski2013-08-064-1/+73
* xorg-drivers: Add xorg drivers build with tegra/armsoc videocards addedSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-062-0/+162
* xf86-video-opentegra: Add opentegra Xorg driverSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-062-0/+15
* libdrm: Add libdrm with tegra supportSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-063-0/+168
* mesa: Add mesa with tegra supportSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-065-0/+547
* xf86-video-armsoc: ARM Chromebook Xorg driverSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-064-0/+452
* mali-drivers-bin: Chromebook EGL/GLES driversSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-062-0/+51
* New ARM repo for various support packagesSteev Klimaszewski2013-08-062-0/+2