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* gui-wm/cage: Fixed metadata.xmlMatthias Coppens2020-07-211-1/+1
* gui-wm/cage: fix KEYWORDSAndrew Ammerlaan2020-07-172-2/+2
* gui-wm/cage: New packageMatthias Coppens2020-07-174-0/+88
* deleted wcm, wf-config, wf-shell and wayfire because they areAisha Tammy2020-05-174-200/+0
* gui-wm/wayfire: remove arm keyword, dep does not have itAndrew Ammerlaan2020-04-131-1/+1
* gui-wm/wayfire: remove proxy-maint from metadataAndrew Ammerlaan2020-03-241-4/+0
* gui-wm/wayfire + others: fixed download links for commit by Aisha TammyAisha Tammy2020-03-223-3/+3
* gui-wm/wayfire: New packages for wayfire and its dependency ebuildsAisha Tammy2020-03-224-0/+204