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@@ -2029,28 +2029,10 @@ to Windows, in that he completed a piece of code to support myself.
Although you already use that piece of code - yes, it's called Cygwin,
you seem to not use this freaky guy's completions yet.
-So let me tell you how to help me out of the incompatibility hole:
-1) Make sure you have installed your Cygwin instance on the very same
- NTFS partition you want myself to work on. And yes, I really need NTFS.
-2) 'Clone or download' the Cygwin source including this guy's fixes
- from
-3) Back up your current /bin/cygwin1.dll:
- $ cp /bin/cygwin1.dll /bin/cygwin1.dll.orig
-4) Compile these Cygwin sources to get some cygwin0.dll, as in:
- $ unzip
- $ cd newlib-cygwin-gentoo
- $ ./configure
- $ make
-5) Prepare the new cygwin0.dll for replacing your current one:
- $ cp *-cygwin/winsup/cygwin0.dll /bin/
-6) Create the /var/run/cygfork directory:
- $ mkdir --mode=a=rwxt /var/run/cygfork
-7) Stop all your Cygwin processes.
-8) Replace your old cygwin1.dll with the new one, using your
- Windows Explorer in $(cygpath -w /bin)
-9) Start your Cygwin processes again, or reboot your Windows.
-10) Start over with myself to continue.
-11) Remember that you won't get support from upstream Cygwin now.
+To help me out of the incompatibility hole, please read and follow
+ first.
+But remember that you won't get support from upstream Cygwin now.
exit 1