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diff --git a/R_Overlay.txt b/R_Overlay.txt
index 122f9a93194..f448ccb6277 100644
--- a/R_Overlay.txt
+++ b/R_Overlay.txt
@@ -10,22 +10,22 @@
'status': 'official'}
$ pmaint sync R_Overlay
-Number of files: 209,501 (reg: 188,949, dir: 20,552)
-Number of created files: 0
+Number of files: 209,689 (reg: 189,115, dir: 20,574)
+Number of created files: 188 (reg: 166, dir: 22)
Number of deleted files: 0
-Number of regular files transferred: 0
-Total file size: 199.69M bytes
-Total transferred file size: 0 bytes
-Literal data: 0 bytes
+Number of regular files transferred: 252
+Total file size: 199.89M bytes
+Total transferred file size: 600.97K bytes
+Literal data: 600.97K bytes
Matched data: 0 bytes
-File list size: 5.40M
+File list size: 5.56M
File list generation time: 0.001 seconds
File list transfer time: 0.000 seconds
-Total bytes sent: 21.58K
-Total bytes received: 6.11M
+Total bytes sent: 26.90K
+Total bytes received: 6.41M
-sent 21.58K bytes received 6.11M bytes 1.75M bytes/sec
-total size is 199.69M speedup is 32.57
+sent 26.90K bytes received 6.41M bytes 1.84M bytes/sec
+total size is 199.89M speedup is 31.04
*** syncing R_Overlay
*** synced R_Overlay
* Sync succeeded