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{"dsr": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "dsr", "x-ebuild-count": 23, "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-02-26 18:31:44 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andrew Reyes"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Andrew Reyes' personal overlay"}}, "lordvan": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "lordvan", "x-ebuild-count": 13, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-08 08:47:52 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Thomas Raschbacher"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "LordVan's Developer overlay"}}, "miramir": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "miramir", "x-ebuild-count": 25, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-09 20:48:29 +0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Miramir repository"}}, "fordfrog": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "fordfrog", "x-ebuild-count": 292, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 18:42:41 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Miroslav \u0160ulc"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}}, "calculate": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "calculate", "x-ebuild-count": 235, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 15:51:28 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Calculate Overlay"}}, "interactive-fiction": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "interactive-fiction", "x-ebuild-count": 28, "x-state": "GOOD", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-02 10:09:17 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "quality": "experimental", "description": {"en": "Packages for players and authors of interactive\n    fiction"}}, "wizard": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "wizard", "x-ebuild-count": 40, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-11-23 20:38:30 +0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "m31271n"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A Gentoo Overlay maintained by m31271n."}}, "libressl": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "libressl", "x-ebuild-count": 65, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-15 08:55:13 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "LibreSSL ebuilds testing repository"}}, "0x4d4c": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "0x4d4c", "x-ebuild-count": 20, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2017-06-09 22:51:12 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Martin Lambertz"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay with no special focus"}}, "ArtSoftware": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "ArtSoftware", "x-ebuild-count": 29, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 14:17:30 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "[Electron]"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Art-Software overlay"}}, "fusion809": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "fusion809", "x-ebuild-count": 20, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-05 07:48:51 +1000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Brenton Horne"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Brenton's Portage overlay"}}, "gentoo-mate": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "gentoo-mate", "x-ebuild-count": 243, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2018-03-12 18:07:33 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "MATE Desktop Project"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo MATE Desktop Project Repo"}}, "gentoo-crypto": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gentoo-crypto", "x-ebuild-count": 10, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-01 20:18:53 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Marius Manea"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay for cryptocurrencies"}}, "reagentoo": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "reagentoo", "x-ebuild-count": 74, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-22 21:02:48 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "reagentoo's overlay"}}, "lisp": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "lisp", "x-ebuild-count": 383, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-19 16:20:42 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Common Lisp/Scheme development, recruitment and live overlay.\n    Support and feedback in `#gentoo-lisp' and via\n    `'."}}, "nashedelo": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "nashedelo", "x-state": "UNSUPPORTED", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}], "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Evgeniy Gurevich"}], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Experimental ebuilds"}}, "dotnet": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "dotnet", "x-ebuild-count": 171, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-02 22:30:57 +0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Dotnet team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Experimental overlay for .NET packages."}}, "lto-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "lto-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 12, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-27 23:48:42 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Shane Peelar"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo", "mv"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A Portage configuration for O3, Graphite, and LTO system-wide"}}, "pica-pica": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "pica-pica", "x-ebuild-count": 4, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2014-08-10 19:46:32 +0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anton Sviridenko"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Pica Pica ebuilds"}}, "pigfoot": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "pigfoot", "x-ebuild-count": 53, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-19 10:23:51 +0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "pigfoot"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for experimental packages and chinese patches"}}, "ssnb": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "ssnb", "x-ebuild-count": 316, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-29 23:17:09 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Samuel Bernardo"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo repository made by ssnb"}}, "AlexandreFournier": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "AlexandreFournier", "x-ebuild-count": 45, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-10 09:41:09 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexandre Fournier"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Alexandre Fournier's personal overlay"}}, "sevcsik": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sevcsik", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-08-29 00:43:36 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andras Sevcsik"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Mainly cryptocurrency/blockchain related ebuilds"}}, "pdilung": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "pdilung", "x-ebuild-count": 1, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-09-25 19:28:59 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pavol Dilung"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal Gentoo overlay of Pavol Dilung"}}, "fkmclane": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "fkmclane", "x-ebuild-count": 132, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-23 19:52:46 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Foster McLane"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of fkmclane containing patched ebuilds and new ebuilds"}}, "chrisadr": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "chrisadr", "x-ebuild-count": 1, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-17 20:48:42 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Christopher D\u00edaz Riveros"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "ChrisADR's personal overlay"}}, "gentoo-playground": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gentoo-playground", "x-ebuild-count": 32, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-02-19 12:04:22 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Steven Newbury"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "zeq's Playground for experimental ebuilds and eclasses"}}, "vampire": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "vampire", "x-ebuild-count": 20, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-22 15:59:13 +0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "TheCrueltySage"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A personal repository. So much bleeding edge, you would bet a vampire was involved."}}, "dwosky": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "dwosky", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-13 10:16:29 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pedro Arizmendi"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Dwosky's personal overlay"}}, "fuverlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "fuverlay", "x-ebuild-count": 7, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-03 01:49:12 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Funkill"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Funkill's overlay"}}, "leio": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "leio", "x-ebuild-count": 10, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-11-15 14:40:19 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mart Raudsepp"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Mart Raudsepp developer overlay"}}, "librepilot": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "librepilot", "x-ebuild-count": 5, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-17 17:15:13 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Paul Jewell"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Librepilot flight control software overlay"}}, "gnome-next": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gnome-next", "x-ebuild-count": 260, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 14:55:06 +0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mikhail Pukhlikov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "experimental newer gnome ebuilds"}}, "fol4": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "fol4", "x-ebuild-count": 35, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 14:54:21 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mads"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "fol4 overlay"}}, "brave-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "brave-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-07 02:48:33 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jason Oliveira"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Brave Overlay"}}, "yoreek": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "yoreek", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-08-13 10:31:01 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Yuri U."}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds related to nginx webserver modules"}}, "ag-ops": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "ag-ops", "x-ebuild-count": 63, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-23 04:14:25 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "John Johnson"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Useful tools for SysAdmins or DevOps"}}, "pinkbyte": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "pinkbyte", "x-ebuild-count": 39, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-08-23 11:19:55 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergey Popov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Pinkbyte's developer overlay"}}, "vifino-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "vifino-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 42, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-20 19:53:09 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Adrian \"vifino\" Pistol"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "vifino's personal overlay"}}, "erikmack": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "erikmack", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2015-06-28 15:05:28 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Erik Mackdanz"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Erik Mackdanz' overlay"}}, "octave": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "octave", "x-ebuild-count": 278, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-02-16 12:10:26 -0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": " Rafael G. Martins"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "octave-forge packages"}}, "tabinol": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "tabinol", "x-ebuild-count": 6, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-27 12:09:34 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Michel Blanchet"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Tabinol personal overlay with no special focus"}}, "dwfreed": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "dwfreed", "x-ebuild-count": 5, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-04-09 01:17:09 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Douglas Freed"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "My random Gentoo packages"}}, "fidonet": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "fidonet", "x-ebuild-count": 18, "x-state": "GOOD", "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-timestamp": "2019-02-02 13:01:25.000000000 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Benny Pedersen"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "quality": "experimental", "description": {"en": "Overlay of Benny Pedersen"}}, "scrill": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "scrill", "x-ebuild-count": 16, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-08 19:16:16 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergey Zhuga"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Some admin tools"}}, "moexiami": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "moexiami", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "testing", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 21:21:06 +0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Xiami"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Contains updated ebuilds (w/ more feature/control)\n      for packages in the Gentoo tree, latest version ebuilds and newpackages\n      not yet in the tree. Targeting high-quality for production use."}}, "floppym": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": ["", ""], "name": "floppym", "x-ebuild-count": 17, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-13 22:53:01 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mike Gilbert"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "floppym's personal overlay"}}, "unity-gentoo": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "unity-gentoo", "x-ebuild-count": 221, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 07:56:59 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rick Harris"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay to install the Unity desktop"}}, "oboeverlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "oboeverlay", "x-ebuild-count": 62, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-06 00:25:13 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Chris Oboe"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "ChrisOboe's overlay"}}, "barnowl": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "barnowl", "x-ebuild-count": 13, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-03-31 20:26:18 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "William Throwe"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "BarnOwl IM client"}}, "bloody": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "bloody", "x-ebuild-count": 11, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 18:43:13 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pierre Geier"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "krita bleeding edge and artists tools/resources"}}, "steam-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "steam-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 12, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-20 09:54:50 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mario Kicherer"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay for Valve's Steam client and Steam-based games"}}, "zlogene": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "zlogene", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2014-02-05 16:31:22 +0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mikle Kolyada"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}}, "yarik-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "yarik-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 18, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-09-02 12:58:34 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Yaroslav Gorbunov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Some new packages plus uncommitted patches and ebuilds for the main tree"}}, "np-hardass-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "np-hardass-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 41, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-12-14 15:20:01 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "NP-Hardass"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "NP-Hardass's Personal Overlay"}}, "dmol": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "dmol", "x-ebuild-count": 30, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2013-01-22 23:40:44 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ivan Baidakou"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay to store java-related ebuilds, for further reviewing"}}, "Krontage": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "Krontage", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-12 15:27:57 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Kron"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Kron"}}, "andy": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "andy", "x-ebuild-count": 28, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-02-27 10:46:11 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andy K."}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Andy's custom stuff and embedded software"}}, "jm-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "jm-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 1224, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-03 17:33:28 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jannis234"}], "x-masters": ["dotnet", "gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay with more or less random ebuilds"}}, "voyageur": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "voyageur", "x-ebuild-count": 32, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-07 01:00:56 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "\n", "description": {"en": "Voyageur's random ebuilds stuff"}}, "konsolebox": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "konsolebox", "x-ebuild-count": 32, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-07-26 06:17:44 +0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "konsolebox"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "konsolebox's overlay"}}, "musl": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "musl", "x-ebuild-count": 229, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 07:44:16 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo musl team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "musl development overlay"}}, "mozilla": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "mozilla", "x-ebuild-count": 21, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-20 16:54:53 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "New mozilla development that is not yet in tree"}}, "pholthaus-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "pholthaus-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 6, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-06 08:32:49 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Patrick Holthaus"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "pholthaus' personal overlay"}}, "farmboy0": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "farmboy0", "x-ebuild-count": 42, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-04 21:26:26 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Enrico Horn"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Enrico Horn"}}, "dmchurch": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "dmchurch", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-31 11:02:58 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Danielle Church"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Danielle Church's Portage overlay"}}, "rdnetto-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "rdnetto-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 104, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-05 00:12:38 +1100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Reuben D'Netto"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal Overlay"}}, "spikyatlinux": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "spikyatlinux", "x-ebuild-count": 37, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-26 16:02:47 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "SpikyAtLinux"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Here are some of my own or modified ebuilds. Also some of them I've found in the web."}}, "rion": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "rion", "x-ebuild-count": 136, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-25 20:32:22 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergey Ilinykh"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Russian overlay with a some patched and specific\n    software"}}, "johnmh": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "johnmh", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2016-10-15 23:51:35 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "John Harris"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of johnmh"}}, "xoreos": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "xoreos", "x-ebuild-count": 9, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-07-03 16:34:33 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sven \"DrMcCoy\" Hesse"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay for the xoreos project, providing a WIP reimplementation of the BioWare Aurora engine and related modding tools."}}, "science": {"status": "official", "feed": ["", ""], "name": "science", "x-ebuild-count": 1208, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-30 08:44:11 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "sci"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "The Gentoo Science Overlay is intended as a place to work\n    outside of the main portage tree on experimental ebuilds. Our aim is to\n    increase the rate of development of scientific packages for Gentoo, but\n    ebuilds in this repository are by their very nature more experimental. If\n    you wish to use them you should be willing to help test and report\n    bugs. For contribution read\n    "}}, "eclipse": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "eclipse", "x-ebuild-count": 13, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-06-24 14:34:45 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Eclipse team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Community effort at packaging Eclipse Java SDK"}}, "mv": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "mv", "x-ebuild-count": 159, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 20:46:54 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Martin V\u00e4th"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for packages not in the Gentoo tree\n        (lack of maintainer or too experimental) and live ebuilds\n        or extensions/bugfixes for packages in the tree"}}, "ulm": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "ulm", "x-ebuild-count": 11, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-09 10:41:24 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ulrich M\u00fcller"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}}, "darkelf": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "darkelf", "x-ebuild-count": 11, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-16 15:36:58 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Simon"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay focusing on improved user experience for working in darkness on Xfce or zsh (including vim)"}}, "decent-im": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "decent-im", "x-ebuild-count": 5, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-30 10:21:24 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andrey Utkin"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "XMPP software overlay maintained by"}}, "lxde-gtk3": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "lxde-gtk3", "x-ebuild-count": 28, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-03-18 19:30:50 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Konstantin"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "lxde-gtk3 overlay"}}, "frostyx": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "frostyx", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-02-09 02:17:56 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "FrostyX"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "FrostyX's personal overlay"}}, "lanodanOverlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "lanodanOverlay", "x-ebuild-count": 123, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-02 18:46:34 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo", "lua"], "homepage": "", "description": {"fr": "Buts additionnels; Exp\u00e9rimentations, n\u00e9cromancie, portabilit\u00e9e, diversit\u00e9e, \u2026", "en": "Additionnal goals; experiments, necromancy, portability, diversity, \u2026"}}, "awesome": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "awesome", "x-ebuild-count": 32, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 19:16:43 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel Morlock"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Awesome ebuilds"}}, "jacendi-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "jacendi-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 12, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-30 17:35:33 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vladimir Gavrilov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "id Software games overlay"}}, "jranvier": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "jranvier", "x-ebuild-count": 5, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2013-01-24 06:01:01 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Justus Ranvier"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Experimental cryptoanarchism-related ebuilds"}}, "squeezebox": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "squeezebox", "x-ebuild-count": 11, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-21 18:50:02 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stuart Hickinbottom"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Packages for the Squeezebox network audio player from Logitech"}}, "megacoffee": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "megacoffee", "x-state": "UNSUPPORTED", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}, {"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}], "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "MegaCoffee"}], "homepage": "", "description": {"de": "Verschiedene ebuilds aus verschiedenen Quellen: selbsterstellte ebuilds, ebuilds mit geringf\u00fcgigen \u00c4nderungen, gegen\u00fcber dem aktuellen Baum, ebuilds aus Gentoos Bugzilla, ebuilds mit erweiterten patches, alte ebuilds die nicht mehr im offiziellen Baum existieren, etc.", "en": "Mixed ebuilds from various sources: self-written missing ebuilds, more current ebuilds, ebuilds that just needed a slight update from official portage, ebuilds others posted on Gentoo Bugzilla, ebuilds with added patches, old ebuilds that were removed from official portage etc."}}, "wjn-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "wjn-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 161, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-12 00:03:13 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "wjn"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "wjn's overlay for Gentoo Linux"}}, "rebutia": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "rebutia", "x-ebuild-count": 29, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-15 00:09:55 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pavel Sanda"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Rebutia overlay"}}, "olifre": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "olifre", "x-ebuild-count": 9, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-09 18:40:49 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Oliver Freyermuth"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Oliver Freyermuth."}}, "seeds": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": ["ttps://"], "name": "seeds", "x-ebuild-count": 32, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-06-18 08:31:24 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vladimir Ivanov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for Gentoo from vonavi"}}, "perl-experimental": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "perl-experimental", "x-ebuild-count": 800, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2017-09-17 15:42:53 +1200\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Perl Team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Experimental ebuilds for Perl packages in Gentoo. Comments and\n    bugreports are welcome!"}}, "trollerlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "trollerlay", "x-ebuild-count": 4, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-01-17 18:14:58 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vladimir \"fat0troll\" Kozlov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for packages that I use, which doesn't exist in main tree or layman's overlays"}}, "oubliette": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "oubliette", "x-ebuild-count": 21, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-22 20:20:43 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "nic"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "personal overlay of forgotten ebuilds"}}, "gentoo": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "gentoo", "x-ebuild-count": 36140, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "core", "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-05 01:30:12 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "x-masters": [], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Official Gentoo ebuild repository"}}, "buzden": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "buzden", "x-ebuild-count": 17, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-24 20:50:38 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Denis Buzdalov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Denis Buzdalov"}}, "barzog-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "barzog-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 222, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-17 16:44:39 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Oleg Gawriloff"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Oleg Gawriloff's overlay"}}, "gamarouns": {"status": "official", "name": "gamarouns", "x-state": "UNSUPPORTED", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}], "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "amaroun"}], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Bits and pieces missing in gentoo or layman repos I need"}}, "fm": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "fm", "x-ebuild-count": 15, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-01-19 11:20:33 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Fated Mariner Gentoo Overlay"}}, "bobwya": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "bobwya", "x-ebuild-count": 357, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 22:21:00 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bob Wya"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Miscellaneous Gentoo ebuilds"}}, "fem-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "fem-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 117, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-19 15:53:44 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Paul Michel"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "FeM Gentoo Overlay"}}, "swegener": {"status": "official", "name": "swegener", "x-ebuild-count": 31, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-timestamp": "2018-11-19 10:32:42.000000000 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "This overlay contains some experimental stuff, but mostly\n    stuff I quickly wrote an ebuild for or grabed it from bugzilla and did not\n    have the time to commit it to the official tree or do not consider it ready\n    for it."}}, "torbrowser": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "torbrowser", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-30 10:34:27 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "MeisterP"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Tor Browser related ebuilds"}}, "laurentb": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "laurentb", "x-ebuild-count": 75, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-06 22:04:37 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Laurent Bachelier"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Various packages"}}, "luxifer": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "luxifer", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-04-04 07:38:43 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dominik Keil"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal Overlay, contains stoken ebuilds"}}, "brother-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "brother-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 552, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-30 18:39:05 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stefan Langenmaier"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Brother printer and scanner software"}}, "junkdrawer": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "junkdrawer", "x-ebuild-count": 462, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-14 14:04:48 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel M. Weeks"}], "x-masters": ["dlang", "gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Various development tools, libraries, and patches not in Gentoo (yet)"}}, "yandex": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "yandex", "x-ebuild-count": 4, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-27 00:28:38 +0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"ru": "\u041e\u0432\u0435\u0440\u043b\u0435\u0439 \u0441 \u0441\u043e\u0444\u0442\u043e\u043c, \u0432\u044b\u043f\u0443\u0449\u0435\u043d\u043d\u044b\u043c \u042f\u043d\u0434\u0435\u043a\u0441\u043e\u043c", "en": "Gentoo overlay with packages for software made by Yandex"}}, "rukruk": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "rukruk", "x-ebuild-count": 13, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-21 09:14:20 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Aivars Sterns"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "some packages not found in other overlays, for issues create ticket in github"}}, "gerislay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gerislay", "x-ebuild-count": 39, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-02 21:19:39 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "gerion"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A personal overlay with no specific focus (mainly to\n      test ebuilds). Highly experimental. It is meant as a playground for me,\n      but others might be interested."}}, "weuxel": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "weuxel", "x-ebuild-count": 5, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-18 10:17:01 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Norman Rie\u00df"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Weuxels Personal Overlay"}}, "riru": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "riru", "x-ebuild-count": 21, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-02 17:46:05 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pavel Kulyov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"ru": "\u0414\u043e\u043c\u0430\u0448\u043d\u0438\u0439 \u043e\u0432\u0435\u0440\u043b\u0435\u0439 \u0434\u043b\u044f \u0440\u0430\u0437\u0440\u0430\u0431\u043e\u0442\u043a\u0438, \u043f\u0430\u0442\u0447\u0435\u0439 \u0438 \u043b\u0430\u0439\u0432 \u0435\u0431\u0438\u043b\u0434\u043e\u0432", "en": "Home overlay for development, patches and live ebuilds"}}, "sabayon-distro": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sabayon-distro", "x-ebuild-count": 929, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-03 20:40:56 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Sabayon related ebuilds such as artwork, kernel binaries,\n    split packages, etc.\n    Bugs to"}}, "systemd": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "systemd", "x-ebuild-count": 1, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2014-02-26 23:27:09 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Henry Gebhardt"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "User collaboration on ebuilds for the systemd init system"}}, "sage-on-gentoo": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sage-on-gentoo", "x-ebuild-count": 182, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 09:10:29 +1300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Francois Bissey"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo", "science"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Split ebuilds for the Sage computer algebra system"}}, "crossdev": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "crossdev", "x-ebuild-count": 6, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2015-06-24 04:53:41 +0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"ru": "\u041f\u0430\u043a\u0435\u0442\u044b \u0434\u043b\u044f \u0432\u0441\u0442\u0440\u0430\u0438\u0432\u0430\u0435\u043c\u044b\u0445 \u0441\u0438\u0441\u0442\u0435\u043c", "en": "Ebuilds for embedded systems"}}, "qgp": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "qgp", "x-ebuild-count": 12, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-18 22:42:10 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jochen Klein"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "qgp overlay (mostly computing and HEP)"}}, "holgersson-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "holgersson-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 14, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-29 21:17:45 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Nils Freydank"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Nils \"holgersson\" Freydank's personal overlay"}}, "djc": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "djc", "x-ebuild-count": 5, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-12-01 14:24:16 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dirkjan Ochtman"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay; testing and early development"}}, "tocaro": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "tocaro", "x-ebuild-count": 7, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-03-28 19:02:11 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Thomas Carri\u00e9"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "tocaro personnal o.g.o"}}, "luman": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "luman", "x-ebuild-count": 7, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-05-19 22:45:16 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Lukas Elsner"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "ccube's overlay"}}, "lacimarsik-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "lacimarsik-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-05-25 13:39:59 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ladislav Marsik"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Various patches and improvements on Gentoo Linux ebuilds"}}, "AstroFloyd": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "AstroFloyd", "x-ebuild-count": 133, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-12 11:33:10 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "AstroFloyd"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "AstroFloyd's Gentoo overlay"}}, "python": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "python", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-10-27 20:02:42 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo Python project"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Python project repository"}}, "programmador": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": ["", ""], "name": "programmador", "x-state": "UNSUPPORTED", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}, {"type": "mercurial", "uri": "ssh://"}], "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexander Konotop"}], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Programmador overlay"}}, "zerodaysfordays": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "zerodaysfordays", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-26 16:36:01 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jakob L. Kreuze"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Jakob L. Kreuze's personal overlay."}}, "gitlab": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "gitlab", "x-ebuild-count": 14, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-31 18:48:15 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel Morlock"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Unofficial ebuilds for Gitlab"}}, "arax-os-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "arax-os-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-12-13 16:50:34 +0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Arax OS overlay"}}, "enlightenment-live": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "enlightenment-live", "x-ebuild-count": 16, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-23 09:07:08 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Raffaele Spinelli"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Enlightenment WM latest stable version and live ebuilds"}}, "Drauthius": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "Drauthius", "x-ebuild-count": 10, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-08-02 21:04:21 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Albert Diserholt"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds related to game dev"}}, "xwing": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "xwing", "x-ebuild-count": 13, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-timestamp": "2018-11-14 10:00:01.000000000 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "This overlay contains some experimental stuff, such as\n    turboprint printers driver (bug #61311), intel-536ep driver for lastest 2.6\n    kernels (bug #127464), lastest grisbi version (proxy maintainer) before\n    it's portage integration and so on."}}, "ejabberd": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "ejabberd", "x-ebuild-count": 38, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-02 00:09:08 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergey Ilinykh"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Fresh ejabberd versions and dependencies"}}, "alexcepoi": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "alexcepoi", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-01-21 15:49:24 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexandru Cepoi"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal User Overlay"}}, "hhvm": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "hhvm", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-08-10 00:36:19 -0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alex Guzman"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "hhvm gentoo overlay"}}, "prototype99": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "prototype99", "x-ebuild-count": 40, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-30 08:25:37 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Seirra Blake"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "assorted ebuilds designed to solve bugs, or bring new features"}}, "sublime-text": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sublime-text", "x-ebuild-count": 16, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-14 20:02:58 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Oscar Campos"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Collection of ebuilds to install Sublime Text 2 or Sublime Text 3"}}, "ultrabug": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "ultrabug", "x-ebuild-count": 34, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 22:04:32 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexys Jacob"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer Overlay"}}, "Case_Of": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "Case_Of", "x-ebuild-count": 6, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-10 23:19:50 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Quentin Retornaz"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay"}}, "aidecoe": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "aidecoe", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-25 09:55:39 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Amadeusz \u017bo\u0142nowski"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "aidecoe's experimental overlay"}}, "anarchy": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "anarchy", "x-ebuild-count": 14, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2018-07-14 13:44:55 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jory Pratt"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Testing/Bug fixes, new ebuilds"}}, "openwrt": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "openwrt", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-09-14 11:46:36 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pavel \u0160imerda"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for network configuration packages found in OpenWRT"}}, "matrix": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "matrix", "x-ebuild-count": 21, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-05 00:41:22 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "PureTryOut"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay containing clients, servers and services for the Matrix protocol", "nl": "Overlay met clients, servers en services voor het Matrix protocol"}}, "hamper-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "hamper-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 20, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 23:59:34 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexander Pilipenko"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "User overlay"}}, "foo-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "foo-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 32, "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-03 10:25:42 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Piotr Karbowski"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Piotr's fixes and new packages"}}, "hering-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "hering-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 50, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-31 03:40:31 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Richard Hering"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Richard Hering's gentoo overlay"}}, "stuff": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "stuff", "x-ebuild-count": 205, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-02 01:23:16 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "stuff"}}, "bubba": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "bubba", "x-ebuild-count": 70, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-28 11:26:11 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Gordon Bos"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "\"Bubba\" platform support for Excito B2|3"}}, "johu": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "johu", "x-ebuild-count": 6, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2018-07-17 10:17:40 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Johannes Huber"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Johannes Huber developer overlay"}}, "bliss-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "bliss-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 9, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-09-03 13:23:28 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "FearedBliss's Gentoo Overlay"}}, "rafaelmartins": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "rafaelmartins", "x-ebuild-count": 27, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-10-19 20:09:06 -0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rafael G. Martins"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Rafael Martins' Gentoo overlay"}}, "sardemff7": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sardemff7", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2017-03-18 12:12:13 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sardem FF7"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Sardem FF7's overlay"}}, "tryton": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "tryton", "x-state": "UNSUPPORTED", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}], "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Tryton"}}, "AzP": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "AzP", "x-ebuild-count": 14, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-29 08:15:01 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Peter Asplund"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Peter's own software playground"}}, "graaff": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "graaff", "x-ebuild-count": 297, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 21:01:55 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Hans de Graaff"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo", "haskell"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay of Hans de Graaff with mostly ruby and\n    xemacs ebuilds, and a few assorted other goodies."}}, "imaging": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "imaging", "x-ebuild-count": 41, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-12 17:08:59 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay for image processing and visualization"}}, "jamestr": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "jamestr", "x-ebuild-count": 27, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-05 14:49:05 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "James Taylor"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "My random Gentoo packages"}}, "glicOne": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "glicOne", "x-ebuild-count": 171, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-30 13:27:59 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim Romaniuk"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "glicOne Overlay with non existing in layman utils"}}, "bitcetera": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "bitcetera", "x-ebuild-count": 16, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-08 14:40:33 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sven Schwyn"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Miscellaneous Gentoo ebuilds"}}, "mva": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "mva", "x-ebuild-count": 545, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-02 02:12:38 +0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "  ", "description": {"en": "mva's sandbox overlay"}}, "musl-clang": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "musl-clang", "x-ebuild-count": 1, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-03-01 16:56:29 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bjorn Pagen"}], "x-masters": ["musl", "gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "musl clang/libc++ overlay"}}, "R_Overlay": {"status": "official", "name": "R_Overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 53479, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-timestamp": "2018-05-30 01:35:56.000000000 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Benda Xu"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay of R packages"}}, "das-labor": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "das-labor", "x-ebuild-count": 64, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-23 19:35:47 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Philipp Deppenwiese"}, {"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Kai Michaelis"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay from Hackerspace Bochum"}}, "pixlra": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "pixlra", "x-ebuild-count": 22, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 18:51:43 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Joao Carreira"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Pixlra collaborative overlay"}}, "mkeyoverlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": ["", ""], "name": "mkeyoverlay", "x-state": "UNSUPPORTED", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}, {"type": "mercurial", "uri": "ssh://"}], "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Markus Knetschke"}], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay of Markus Knetschke"}}, "eroen": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "eroen", "x-ebuild-count": 222, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-08 01:22:25 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Erik Moen"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Erik Moen"}}, "last-hope": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "last-hope", "x-ebuild-count": 168, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-02 09:51:05 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Johann Schmitz"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A gentoo portage overlay with a set of too exotic, or unusal ebuilds for the sunrise overlay or the main tree."}}, "bezerker": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "bezerker", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-09-04 06:56:43 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bezerker"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Bezerker's Packages"}}, "lmiphay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "lmiphay", "x-ebuild-count": 248, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-03 18:48:57 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Paul Healy"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Paul Healy"}}, "raiagent": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "raiagent", "x-ebuild-count": 71, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-29 00:47:53 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Cecil Curry"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Well-documented ebuilds en-route to a bandersnatch near you"}}, "discworld": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "discworld", "x-ebuild-count": 17, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2017-11-14 22:29:12 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "George Diamantopoulos"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Various VoIP-related ebuils"}}, "linuxunderground-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "linuxunderground-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 150, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-24 15:50:01 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "linuxunderground"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "experimental ebuilds from"}}, "openclonk": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "openclonk", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-06 17:19:30 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Julius Michaelis"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for the game OpenClonk"}}, "timroes": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "timroes", "x-ebuild-count": 14, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-03-31 21:00:34 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Tim Roes"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "timroes' personal overlay"}}, "aluco": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "aluco", "x-ebuild-count": 24, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-05-22 00:05:14 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anthoine Bourgeois"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "From drm-next to phoronix-test-suite ebuilds"}}, "mooyooma": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "mooyooma", "x-ebuild-count": 20, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-08-22 15:18:06 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "mooyooma"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "mooyooma's personal overlay"}}, "bitcoin": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "bitcoin", "x-ebuild-count": 130, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-16 09:24:07 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Florian Schmaus"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Bitcoin and CPU/GPU mining related ebuilds"}}, "twister": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "twister", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-01-06 12:40:31 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Johannes Schwab"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Unoffical gentoo overlay for twister"}}, "HomeAssistantRepository": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "HomeAssistantRepository", "x-ebuild-count": 177, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 23:57:41 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andreas Billmeier"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for setting up Home Assistant on Gentoo Linux with (most) needed newer Python libraries."}}, "jollheef-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "jollheef-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 20, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-24 18:49:16 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mikhail Klementyev"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Collection of various ebuilds"}}, "gsview-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gsview-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 10, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-10 18:37:08 +1000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Michael Uleysky"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for the gsview and some other plotting/scientific soft"}}, "nirvana": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": ["", ""], "name": "nirvana", "x-state": "UNSUPPORTED", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}, {"type": "mercurial", "uri": "ssh://"}], "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Danilo Pianini"}], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds not good enough to make it to Sabayon's for-gentoo."}}, "gentoo-zh": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gentoo-zh", "x-ebuild-count": 650, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-08 14:34:08 +0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "To provide programs useful to Chinese speaking users (merged\n      from gentoo-china and gentoo-taiwan)."}}, "andrey_utkin": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "andrey_utkin", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-12-05 13:48:14 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "andrey_utkin"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}}, "eugene-bright": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "eugene-bright", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-08-09 18:17:01 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Eugene Bright"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "The personal overlay of Eugene Bright"}}, "gnuradio": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gnuradio", "x-ebuild-count": 126, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-17 14:03:13 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A repository for GNURadio packages/addons"}}, "ycUygB1": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "ycUygB1", "x-ebuild-count": 69, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-08-10 19:13:36 -0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Harold Anderson"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo User ycUygB1 overlay"}}, "hossie": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "hossie", "x-ebuild-count": 113, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-26 21:37:08 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "gentoo-overlay from hossie"}}, "bes": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "bes", "x-ebuild-count": 1, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-06-14 11:51:00 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vladimir Varlamov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "bes' personal overlay"}}, "steev": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "steev", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "testing", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2013-12-29 18:37:58 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stephen Klimaszewski"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Steev Klimaszewski's Overlay"}}, "grub2-themes": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "grub2-themes", "x-ebuild-count": 24, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-07-19 17:38:24 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sebastian Pipping"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay dedicated to Grub2 themes (of any distribution)"}}, "damex-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "damex-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-03-08 18:32:24 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Roman Kuzmitsky"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "damex's personal overlay"}}, "raw": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "raw", "x-ebuild-count": 41, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-30 19:41:16 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Denis Kaganovich (aka Dzianis Kahanovich)"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "some raw stuff"}}, "dev1990-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "dev1990-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 90, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 20:42:26 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bartlomiej Burdukiewicz"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay focused on Qt application development and 3d-printing."}}, "vaca": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "vaca", "x-ebuild-count": 43, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-08-19 13:48:20 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "hashashin"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Just another personal Gentoo overlay"}}, "luke-jr": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "luke-jr", "x-ebuild-count": 126, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-09-14 03:51:56 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Misc ebuilds by Luke-Jr"}}, "palemoon": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "palemoon", "x-ebuild-count": 10, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-24 12:06:36 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "deu"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Unofficial Gentoo overlay for the Pale Moon ( web browser."}}, "vmware": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "vmware", "x-ebuild-count": 18, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-04-28 17:52:49 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo VMware team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "VMware desktop ebuilds"}}, "poly-c": {"status": "official", "name": "poly-c", "x-ebuild-count": 284, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 19:19:38.000000000 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Lars Wendler"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Polynomial-C's overlay"}}, "sogo-connector": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sogo-connector", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-28 09:04:01 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Fabian K\u00f6ster"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "SOGO connector overlay"}}, "kaa": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "kaa", "x-ebuild-count": 26, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-07 00:04:09 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Oleg Kravchenko"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Kaa's experimental overlay"}}, "sft": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sft", "x-ebuild-count": 29, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 14:44:02 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jonas Jelten"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "SFT Technologies gentoo overlay"}}, "whiledev": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "whiledev", "x-ebuild-count": 5, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-07-10 16:23:21 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Felix Sanz"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Collection of ebuilds with experimental features"}}, "printer-drivers": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "printer-drivers", "x-ebuild-count": 78, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2014-01-03 12:26:01 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo printing team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "User-submitted ebuilds for printer drivers"}}, "go-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "go-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 271, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-11 13:34:19 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mauro Toffanin"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Golang related ebuilds"}}, "axs": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "axs", "x-ebuild-count": 17, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-12-19 14:22:25 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ian Stakenvicius"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}}, "vmacs": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "vmacs", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-22 20:49:21 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vance M. Allen"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "VMACS Personal Gentoo Overlay"}}, "pg_overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "pg_overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 173, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-24 08:10:24 +0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Perfect Gentleman"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "User overlay"}}, "average": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "average", "x-ebuild-count": 16, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-25 23:27:41 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jeffrey Lin"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal playground for some ebuilds not found elsewhere"}}, "flow": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "flow", "x-ebuild-count": 97, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-15 19:14:45 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Florian Schmaus"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds by Florian Schmaus"}}, "arx-libertatis": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "arx-libertatis", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-04 06:29:45 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel Scharrer"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Arx Libertatis Overlay"}}, "moltonel": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "moltonel", "x-ebuild-count": 7, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-24 14:59:28 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vincent de Phily"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Vincent de Phily's private overlay"}}, "FireBurn": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "FireBurn", "x-ebuild-count": 28, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-28 23:13:24 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mike Lothian"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "32bit ebuilds (libdrm, mesa, libx11, mesa-progs, ..)"}}, "tastytea": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "tastytea", "x-ebuild-count": 56, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-31 18:57:39 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "tastytea"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay of tastytea"}}, "wine": {"status": "official", "name": "wine", "x-ebuild-count": 207, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "testing", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-27 12:01:17 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo Wine Project"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "All supported Wine ebuilds from the Gentoo Wine Project"}}, "maekke": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "maekke", "x-ebuild-count": 30, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-02 15:34:48 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Markus Meier"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Markus Meier developer overlay"}}, "mgorny": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "mgorny", "x-ebuild-count": 23, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-01 21:40:40 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Micha\u0142 G\u00f3rny"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Micha\u0142 G\u00f3rny developer overlay"}}, "salfter": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "salfter", "x-ebuild-count": 197, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-30 08:23:36 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Scott Alfter"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Scott Alfter's ebuilds"}}, "sspreitz": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sspreitz", "x-ebuild-count": 22, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-20 09:46:15 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sascha Spreitzer"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "My Gentoo repository and ebuilds"}}, "alatar-lay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "alatar-lay", "x-ebuild-count": 7, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-02 01:46:05 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alatar"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Alatar`s personal ebuilds"}}, "bright": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "bright", "x-ebuild-count": 15, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-05 02:26:39 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Oleksii Filonenko"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "BrightOne's personal overlay"}}, "gnux32": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gnux32", "x-ebuild-count": 40, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-09-17 18:17:49 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Matthias R\u00e4ncker"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A personal overlay with ebuilds for the x32 ABI"}}, "argent-main": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "argent-main", "x-ebuild-count": 2146, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-06-10 00:58:11 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stefan Cristian Brindusa"}], "x-masters": [], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Argent Linux"}}, "maggu2810-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "maggu2810-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 31, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-28 15:07:15 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Markus Rathgeb"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "maggu2810's Gentoo portage overlay."}}, "tf201": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "tf201", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-04-11 16:03:12 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Yan A."}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "TF201 (Asus Transformer Prime) overlay for Gentoo"}}, "roslin": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "roslin", "x-ebuild-count": 235, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-13 15:47:19 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Piotr Szymaniak"}, {"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Micha\u0142 Zi\u0105bkowski"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "This is roslin, my small overlay. Enjoy! (:"}}, "delicious-absurdities": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "delicious-absurdities", "x-ebuild-count": 18, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-31 15:22:44 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Christian Affolter"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay with delicious absurdities"}}, "bibletime": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "bibletime", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-11 16:10:49 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jaak Ristioja"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "BibleTime overlay"}}, "robert7k": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "robert7k", "x-ebuild-count": 38, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-29 21:34:11 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "personal overlay of robert7k"}}, "tgbugs-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "tgbugs-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 85, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-12 12:39:43 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Tom Gillespie"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "tgbugs portage overlay for custom ebuilds"}}, "JRG": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "JRG", "x-ebuild-count": 14, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-03-28 22:36:47 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "John R. Graham"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "John's Collaboration Overlay"}}, "bircoph": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "bircoph", "x-ebuild-count": 32, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-25 01:33:57 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andrew Savchenko"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}}, "jellybean": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "jellybean", "x-ebuild-count": 23, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-31 19:47:42 +0900\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Hyogeon Gi"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "My personal overlay"}}, "zugaina": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "zugaina", "x-state": "MISSING_REPO_NAME", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-timestamp": "2018-07-07 19:19:01.000000000 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "collection of ebuilds by ycarus"}}, "deepin": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "deepin", "x-ebuild-count": 93, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-26 10:30:36 +0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Aten Zhang"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo Overlay for Deepin Desktop Environment"}}, "linxon": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "linxon", "x-ebuild-count": 167, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-03 20:41:45 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "linxon"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "linxon personal overlay"}}, "dustin": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": ["", ""], "name": "dustin", "x-state": "UNSUPPORTED", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}, {"type": "mercurial", "uri": "ssh://"}], "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dustin C. Hatch"}], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay of Dustin C. Hatch"}}, "nextoo": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "nextoo", "x-ebuild-count": 23, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-02-20 15:50:13 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Aaron Ten Clay"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Nextoo (\"Next Gentoo\") overlay"}}, "bar": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "bar", "x-ebuild-count": 249, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-15 15:28:28 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "tokiclover"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds that end up in Funtoo ports-2012"}}, "qt": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "qt", "x-ebuild-count": 248, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 20:39:20 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Qt Team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Official testing overlay for Qt and related packages, provided\n    by Gentoo's Qt team. Contains ebuilds for Qt4 and Qt5 prereleases and live ebuilds,\n    plus various (non-KDE) applications and utilities that use Qt."}}, "qemu-init": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "qemu-init", "x-ebuild-count": 1, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-03-23 10:53:56 -0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Brian Dolbec"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "qemu init script and tools"}}, "causelay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "causelay", "x-ebuild-count": 36, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-02-08 18:21:31 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ari Malinen"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ari Malinen's personal overlay"}}, "mate-de-gentoo": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "mate-de-gentoo", "x-ebuild-count": 102, "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-03 22:12:26 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "OzTiram"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Updated ebuilds for mate-desktop environment"}}, "prometheanfire": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "prometheanfire", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2013-09-13 13:35:11 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Matthew Thode"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer overlay"}}, "alexxy": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "alexxy", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2018-06-17 10:41:45 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexey Shvetsov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Some random work in progress stuff from alexxy"}}, "srcshelton": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "srcshelton", "x-ebuild-count": 967, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-06-14 23:04:18 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stuart Shelton"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Out-of-tree ebuilds"}}, "observer": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "observer", "x-ebuild-count": 22, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-03 21:59:42 +0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Chen Meng"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Contains ebuilds I need, but not in Gentoo portage tree yet."}}, "slyfox": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "slyfox", "x-ebuild-count": 10, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-28 07:30:47 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sergei Trofimovich"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "slyfox's ebuild den"}}, "ricerlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "ricerlay", "x-ebuild-count": 20, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-28 01:22:40 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "azahi"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for ricing enthusiasts"}}, "ros-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "ros-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 7874, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-29 13:21:04 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for the Robot Operating System (ROS)."}}, "drdim": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "drdim", "x-ebuild-count": 44, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-04-14 05:51:00 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dmitriy Bogatkin"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo Layman portage repository for Jetbrains Products"}}, "hibiscus": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "hibiscus", "x-ebuild-count": 22, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-10-28 17:09:06 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Fabian K\u00f6ster"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Hibiscus homebanking overlay"}}, "flammie": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "flammie", "x-ebuild-count": 28, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-02 12:02:25 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Flammie Pirinen"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "An overlay for gentoo for things Flammie's worked on: Apertium, HFST, computational linguistics, spell-checking, obscure languages..."}}, "shnurise": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "shnurise", "x-ebuild-count": 90, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 06:26:03 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Arsen Shnurkov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"ru": "\u043f\u0430\u043a\u0435\u0442\u044b \u0434\u043b\u044f \u043c\u043e\u043d\u043e \u0438 \u0440\u0430\u0437\u043d\u043e\u0435 \u043f\u0440\u043e\u0447\u0435\u0435", "en": "packages for mono environment and other"}}, "nightmare": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "nightmare", "x-ebuild-count": 19, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-08-30 22:04:48 +0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "r3lgar"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "nightmare is a gentoo overlay with some stuff"}}, "anders-larsson": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "anders-larsson", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-26 20:12:02 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anders Larsson"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A few packages that are not hosted elsewhere."}}, "lua": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "lua", "x-ebuild-count": 160, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-12 23:04:05 +0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rafael G. Martins"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Lua development overlay"}}, "abendbrot": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "abendbrot", "x-ebuild-count": 300, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-07 11:11:37 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stefan Reuter"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Desktop oriented overlay for various ebuilds and the occasional gamer"}}, "vdr-devel": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "vdr-devel", "x-ebuild-count": 49, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2016-08-21 17:51:21 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for VDR, that contains ebuilds for development version\n    of VDR, and specific plugins for that version."}}, "tengine-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "tengine-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 6, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-11-29 08:54:54 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Roman Kuzmitsky"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Tengine overlay for Gentoo Linux"}}, "flightsim": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "flightsim", "x-ebuild-count": 4, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-05-07 01:00:51 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rafael G. Martins"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay with packages for flight simulation, mainly related to X-Plane"}}, "sorrow": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sorrow", "x-ebuild-count": 15, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 01:48:24 +1000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "sorrow"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds for some wayland-related software and some other stuff"}}, "haarp": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "haarp", "x-ebuild-count": 45, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-18 19:57:18 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "haarp"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "misc ebuilds that aren't in the main tree"}}, "didactic-duck": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "didactic-duck", "x-ebuild-count": 76, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-13 17:27:27 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Lucian Poston"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Some ebuilds that might work"}}, "defiance": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "defiance", "x-ebuild-count": 58, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-02 11:21:47 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dan Molik"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "packages for cloud development"}}, "deadbeef-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "deadbeef-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 51, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-17 20:00:37 +0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Roman Kuzmitsky"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "DeaDBeeF player overlay for Gentoo Linux"}}, "0bs1d1an": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "0bs1d1an", "x-ebuild-count": 12, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-21 16:55:02 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Guido Kroon"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay"}}, "jorgicio": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "jorgicio", "x-ebuild-count": 461, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-31 11:21:07 -0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jorge Pizarro Callejas"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo repository made by Jorgicio."}}, "fowlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "fowlay", "x-ebuild-count": 1, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-04-07 14:41:09 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rabbe Fogelholm"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Collection of ebuilds"}}, "joinge": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "joinge", "x-ebuild-count": 11, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2014-12-11 17:03:52 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jo Inge Buskenes"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "joinge's user overlay"}}, "seden": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "seden", "x-ebuild-count": 34, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-11 08:37:02 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sven Eden"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Experimental ebuilds that are still unmaintained"}}, "piniverlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "piniverlay", "x-ebuild-count": 1, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-01-19 00:25:14 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pierre-Nicolas Clauss"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Various packages and patches for developers"}}, "ShyPixie": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "ShyPixie", "x-ebuild-count": 17, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2017-03-22 12:26:37 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Lara Maia"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Lara Maia"}}, "hangul-typing": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "hangul-typing", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-23 22:47:42 +0900\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "espresso tiger"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo", "haskell"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "It contains hangul-typing tutors."}}, "cg": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "cg", "x-ebuild-count": 84, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 20:16:30 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Computer graphics ebuilds for gentoo"}}, "ixit": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "ixit", "x-ebuild-count": 10, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-24 00:51:59 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "David Heidelberger"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "iXit overlay"}}, "rpm": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "rpm", "x-ebuild-count": 37, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-02-16 11:49:24 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Pavel \u0160imerda"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for RPM packagers targeting Fedora, EPEL, CentOS and similar distros"}}, "distros": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "distros", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-05 01:25:50 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["calculate", "gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Calculate Linux Profiles"}}, "rich0": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "rich0", "x-ebuild-count": 57, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-20 11:04:19 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Richard Freeman"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Rich0's developer overlay"}}, "java": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "java", "x-ebuild-count": 128, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 11:24:19 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Gentoo Java team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Java overlay"}}, "frr-gentoo": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "frr-gentoo", "x-ebuild-count": 16, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "stable", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-04 08:13:16 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel 'f0o' Preussker"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Free Range Routing Gentoo Overlay"}}, "bumblebee": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "bumblebee", "x-ebuild-count": 6, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-26 20:46:37 +0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Packages related to the bumblebee project"}}, "blueness": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "blueness", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-06-08 20:30:17 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anthony G. Basile"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Developer Overlay"}}, "gambas-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gambas-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-02-10 01:31:50 +0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Roman Kuzmitsky"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gambas IDE overlay for Gentoo Linux"}}, "gamerlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gamerlay", "x-ebuild-count": 189, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-14 01:10:32 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "\n      Gamers overlay for all various games. Not related with games team.\n    "}}, "deter": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "deter", "x-ebuild-count": 18, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-04 14:08:25 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Deter Enkelt"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Custom stuff from deterenkelt."}}, "pinkpieea": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "pinkpieea", "x-ebuild-count": 62, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-08-20 19:02:18 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "soredake"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay with games and other packages"}}, "ruby": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "ruby", "x-ebuild-count": 24, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "Y", "x-timestamp": "2018-05-06 08:43:15 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Ruby Team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Experimental ebuilds from the Ruby edge."}}, "zoobab": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "zoobab", "x-ebuild-count": 28, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-07-12 15:35:38 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Benjamin Henrion"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Benjamin Henrion"}}, "mklich": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "mklich", "x-ebuild-count": 2, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-09-24 07:21:41 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Micha\u0142 Klich"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "For learning purposes."}}, "hacking-gentoo": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "hacking-gentoo", "x-ebuild-count": 190, "x-state": "BAD_CACHE", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "rsync", "uri": "rsync://"}], "x-timestamp": "2018-09-09 00:36:17.000000000 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Max Hacking"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ebuilds of Hacking Network Solutions Ltd"}}, "zx2c4": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "zx2c4", "x-ebuild-count": 9, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-11-05 17:32:13 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jason A. Donenfeld"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "zx2c4's repository of additional ebuilds"}}, "audio-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "audio-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 53, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-01 10:38:46 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "Audio overlay"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Pro audio overlay. Please file bugs or package suggestions at"}}, "flussence": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "flussence", "x-ebuild-count": 33, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-28 02:56:38 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Anthony Parsons"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Ant P.'s personal overlay"}}, "keruspe": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "keruspe", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-10-19 16:23:54 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Marc-Antoine Perennou"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Keruspe's overlay"}}, "anomen": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "anomen", "x-ebuild-count": 59, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-21 17:41:19 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "anomen"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "anomen's personal Gentoo overlay"}}, "rasdark": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "rasdark", "x-ebuild-count": 86, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 12:38:38 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andrey Senik"}], "x-masters": ["calculate", "gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "rasdark personal overlay"}}, "pross": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "pross", "x-ebuild-count": 4, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-08-10 19:20:06 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Simon Prosser"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "User overlay"}}, "furikake": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "furikake", "x-ebuild-count": 9, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2016-04-24 14:43:06 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alex Wilson (antoligy)"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo", "mozilla"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay of Alex Wilson"}}, "levenkov": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "levenkov", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2015-02-20 13:13:52 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Artem Levenkov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "levenkov personal overlay"}}, "zyrenth": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "zyrenth", "x-ebuild-count": 59, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-26 16:50:14 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Amy Nagle"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay"}}, "khoverlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "khoverlay", "x-ebuild-count": 67, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-08 13:01:19 -0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Bryan Gardiner"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Khumba's overlay, mainly Haskell packages"}}, "soltys": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "soltys", "x-ebuild-count": 13, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-31 15:31:01 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Krzysztof Koro\u015bcik"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "tools usefull on CTFs and things that aren't in the portage tristelune"}}, "tristelune": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "tristelune", "x-ebuild-count": 10, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-03-26 11:34:13 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "C\u00e9dric"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "C\u00e9dric's user overlay"}}, "regina-gentoo": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "regina-gentoo", "x-ebuild-count": 4, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2017-01-05 19:11:54 +1100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "William Pettersson"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Regina packages for Gentoo"}}, "seadep": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "seadep", "x-ebuild-count": 6, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-11-25 19:15:52 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Rasmus Thomsen"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "just a few ebuilds, I couldn't find elsewhere"}}, "DuPol": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "DuPol", "x-ebuild-count": 14, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-01-06 23:07:27 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dustin Polke"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "DuPol's own and modified portage ebuilds."}}, "sabayon": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sabayon", "x-ebuild-count": 358, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-21 19:42:26 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Sabayon ebuilds that could be upstreamed to\n    Gentoo (or just being useful for Gentoo users as well):\n    hot fixes, ebuild updates, etc.\n    For Sabayon-only ebuilds, please use the sabayon-distro overlay.\n    Bugs to"}}, "wichtounet": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "wichtounet", "x-ebuild-count": 32, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-04-03 11:24:06 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Baptiste Wicht"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Baptiste Wicht"}}, "earshark": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "earshark", "x-ebuild-count": 54, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-18 01:01:43 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Valeriy"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "personal overlay, mostly games related"}}, "status-check": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "status-check", "x-ebuild-count": 0, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-01-19 16:01:05 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Nicholas Wong"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A simple status check and configuration package built for Gentoo"}}, "nest": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "nest", "x-ebuild-count": 430, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 01:11:34 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vladimir Pavljuchenkov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal Gentoo overlay"}}, "gentoo-clang": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "gentoo-clang", "x-ebuild-count": 13, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-10 09:42:30 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alexander Bilyak"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay providing patches to build entire system with clang"}}, "sortsmill": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": ["", ""], "name": "sortsmill", "x-state": "UNSUPPORTED", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "mercurial", "uri": ""}, {"type": "mercurial", "uri": "ssh://"}], "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Barry Schwartz"}], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Barry Schwartz for font projects"}}, "perl-experimental-snapshots": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "perl-experimental-snapshots", "x-ebuild-count": 800, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2017-09-17 15:48:29 +1200\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Kent Fredric"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Unofficial mirror of overlay \"perl-experimental\" with metadata cache"}}, "eigenlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "eigenlay", "x-ebuild-count": 21, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-03-13 17:23:22 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Gioacchino Mazzurco"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Eigenlab Gentoo overlay"}}, "pentoo": {"status": "official", "name": "pentoo", "x-ebuild-count": 999, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-05 08:17:10 +0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "The overlay contains new or updated security tools."}}, "simonvanderveldt": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "simonvanderveldt", "x-ebuild-count": 5, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2018-11-06 08:53:16 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Simon van der Veldt"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal Gentoo overlay focused on music production and engineering applications"}}, "erayd": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "erayd", "x-ebuild-count": 7, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-15 01:54:55 +1300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Steve Gilberd"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Various personal ebuilds"}}, "vayerx": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "vayerx", "x-ebuild-count": 122, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-09 22:48:59 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Vasiliy Yeremeyev"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Personal overlay of Vasiliy Yeremeyev"}}, "docker": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "docker", "x-ebuild-count": 318, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-12-03 06:02:06 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Tianon Gravi"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for docker by dotCloud"}}, "mysql": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "mysql", "x-ebuild-count": 46, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-16 21:43:25 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "MySQL Team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo MySQL overlay"}}, "dMaggot": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "dMaggot", "x-ebuild-count": 8, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-06-01 22:09:38 -0400\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "David E. Narv\u00e1ez"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay of David E. Narv\u00e1ez"}}, "stowe-verlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "stowe-verlay", "x-ebuild-count": 25, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-02 01:26:17 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Michael Stowe"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Few things that have either broken elsewhere or fallen unmaintained, such as winexe, a source-based version of logitech media server, a patched version of dansguardian"}}, "what4-java": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "what4-java", "x-ebuild-count": 48, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-10-04 18:15:34 -0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Alex Barker"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Incubator for dev-java updates that the Gentoo Java team has no time for"}}, "keepbot-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "keepbot-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 11, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-02-01 18:00:39 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Dmitry Ivanov"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "keepbot's personal ebuild repository"}}, "panther": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "panther", "x-ebuild-count": 19, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-28 14:14:55 -0500\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jacob Glueck"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Fun useful packages not found elsewhere"}}, "xfce-dev": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "xfce-dev", "x-ebuild-count": 15, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2015-10-10 08:25:24 +0200\n", "owner": [{"type": "project", "email": "", "name": "XFCE team"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Experimental ebuilds for the Xfce4 Desktop\n    Environment"}}, "sattvik": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "sattvik", "x-ebuild-count": 28, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-28 09:20:30 -0600\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Daniel Solano Gomez"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "sattvik's overlay with personalized bug fixes and tweaks"}}, "concaveoverlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "concaveoverlay", "x-ebuild-count": 12, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-28 13:21:42 +0000\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "concavegit's overlay."}}, "stefantalpalaru": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "stefantalpalaru", "x-ebuild-count": 191, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "E", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 01:34:40 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Stefan Talpalaru"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay with ebuilds by Stefan Talpalaru that are not in the tree"}}, "anyc": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "anyc", "x-ebuild-count": 95, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-12-02 21:50:18 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Mario Kicherer"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Testing ebuilds for out-of-tree applications"}}, "jkolo": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "jkolo", "x-ebuild-count": 26, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-17 22:50:04 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Jerzy Kolosowski"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Jerzy Kolosowski's Gentoo overlay"}}, "dilfridge": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "dilfridge", "x-ebuild-count": 22, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "U", "x-timestamp": "2019-02-04 12:04:55 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Andreas K. Huettel (dilfridge)"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Dilfridge overlay: experimental ebuilds and lab software"}}, "dlang": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "dlang", "x-ebuild-count": 89, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2019-01-19 19:03:22 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "A collection of ebuilds related to the D programming\n    language."}}, "qwin-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "qwin-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 7, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-10-21 16:11:32 +0300\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Gentoo overlay with some patched packages."}}, "chutzpah": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "chutzpah", "x-ebuild-count": 9, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-03-10 11:14:31 -0800\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Patrick McLean"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Random stuff I am working on which isn't ready for the tree for some reason"}}, "tante": {"status": "unofficial", "name": "tante", "x-ebuild-count": 5, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-02-26 14:13:35 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": ""}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay of tante"}}, "canutethegreat-overlay": {"status": "unofficial", "feed": [""], "name": "canutethegreat-overlay", "x-ebuild-count": 4, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git+ssh://"}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2018-03-22 09:23:06 -0700\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Ronald Farrer"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay for personal projects, forks, and customizations"}}, "sping": {"status": "official", "feed": [""], "name": "sping", "x-ebuild-count": 3, "x-state": "GOOD", "quality": "experimental", "source": [{"type": "git", "uri": ""}, {"type": "git", "uri": "git://"}, {"type": "git", "uri": ""}], "x-openpgp-signed": "N", "x-timestamp": "2017-03-18 17:47:33 +0100\n", "owner": [{"type": "person", "email": "", "name": "Sebastian Pipping"}], "x-masters": ["gentoo"], "homepage": "", "description": {"en": "Overlay of Gentoo developer Sebastian Pipping; for issues, please open tickets at GitHub"}}, "rinaldus-overlay": {"status":