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masterImprove up to 1/2010Andreas K. Hüttel7 days
jlecUpdateJustin Lecher4 months
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7 daysImprove up to 1/2010HEADmasterAndreas K. Hüttel12-83/+146
9 daysAdd council meeting log 20170514Anthony G. Basile2-0/+432
9 daysImprove 11/2009Andreas K. Hüttel7-29/+68
11 daysImprove 10/2009Andreas K. Huettel8-13/+64
12 daysImprove up to 9/2009; remove [list] tag from mail subjectsAndreas K. Hüttel14-415/+464
13 daysImprove 5/2009Andreas K. Hüttel12-67/+130
13 daysAdd some generated files to repo for ease of handlingAndreas K. Hüttel5-5/+981
13 daysAdd targets to make standalone pdf and html summariesAndreas K. Hüttel1-0/+8
13 daysClass option is a4paper not a4.Ulrich Müller1-1/+1
13 daysImprove compatibility with TeX4ht.Ulrich Müller1-8/+14