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+\agendaitem{EAPI 3 status}
+Some progress, see tracker \bug{273620}. 8 out of 20 items are still
+\agendaitem{Upgrade path for old systems}
+\index{upgrade path}
+\vote{The ebuild tree must provide an upgrade path to a
+stable system that hasn't been updated for one year.}{Accepted unanimously.}
+Action: leio will start a discussion on gentoo-dev on if and how to
+support upgrading systems that are outdated more than a year.
+\agendaitem{Prefix support in the main Portage tree}
+The council unanimously supports the general idea, but sees need for
+additional discussion.
+Action: ulm will follow up on the open questions on gentoo-dev.
+\agendaitem{Usage of bash 3.2 features in Portage tree}
+\index{bash!version in ebuilds}
+\vote{Usage of bash 3.2 features in the Portage tree is
+allowed. PMS will be updated accordingly.}{6 yes, 1 no}
+\vote{Ebuilds must be completely parsable with =bash-3.2*,
+any use of later bash features will be reverted.}{6 yes, 1 no}
+\agendaitem{Preservation of file modification times in EAPI 3}
+\index{mtime preservation}\index{EAPI!3}