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+\agendaitem{EAPI 5 features}
+\index{EAPI!5}\index{slot operators}\index{subslots}\index{IUSE}
+\index{REQUIRED_USE}\index{EAPI!assignment in ebuilds}\index{src_test}
+\index{EAPI!4}\index{license groups}\index{EJOBS}\index{eclasses!sourcing}
+The council voted on the list of EAPI 5 features. A detailed list was
+sent to the gentoo-project mailing list before the meeting, see
+Chainsaw remarked that in future a short plain text summary for each
+item should be provided.
+\item Slot operator dependencies, \bug{229521}
+\item Sub-slots, \bug{424429}
+\item Profile IUSE injection, \bug{176467}
+\item At-most-one-of operator for REQUIRED_USE, \bug{354219}
+\item EBUILD_PHASE_FUNC variable, \bug{390765}
+\item Mandate GNU find, \bug{384157}
+\item new* commands can read from standard input, \bug{263565}
+\item Parsing of the EAPI assignment is mandatory, \bug{402167}
+\item src_test support for parallel tests, \bug{363005}
+\item Stable use forcing and masking, \bug{431078}
+\item Option --host-root for {has,best}_version, \bug{401239}
+\item usex helper function, \bug{382963}
+\item doheader helper function, \bug{21310}
+These have been accepted unanimously.
+ \item econf --disable-silent-rules, \bug{379497}
+Accepted unanimously for EAPI 5; rejected applying it retroactively to EAPI 4
+(0 yes, 4 no, 1 abstain). Therefore, no vote necessary for EAPIs 0 to 3.
+ \item User patches
+Rejected unanimously for EAPI 5. Several council members remarked that this is a
+controversial feature and that it should at least be postponed to a later EAPI.
+ \item License groups in ebuilds, \bug{287192}
+ \item EJOBS variable, \bug{273101}
+\item Source eclasses only once, \bug{422533}
+\item Extended default list of extensions in dohtml, \bug{423245}
+\item REPOSITORY variable, \bug{414813}
+\item Repository dependencies, \bug{414815}
+\item Cross-compile support, \bug{145737}
+\item Directories for use.* and package.* in profiles, \bug{282296}
+\item make.defaults etc. in \${repository_path}/profiles, \bug{414817}
+\item HDEPEND: host dependencies for cross-compilation, \bug{317337}
+No support from any council member for any of these in EAPI 5.
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+\bug{383467}: Action: scarabeus will try to make jmbsvicetto do it after next
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+Arfrever suggested weekly meetings of the council. This was met with
+scepticism by council members.