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+\agendaitem{Open bug(s) with council involvement}
+For \bug{383467} to be closed, the master ballots for 2011 and 2012 will
+need to be uploaded and linked.
+ulm reports that all should be done by now, jmbsvicetto has uploaded all
+files. The bug will be closed.
+\agendaitem{Any other business from council members}
+\index{gpg}\index{commit signing}\index{git migration}
+ \item
+ forcing/pressing gpg usage with repoman FEATURES=sign in anticipation for
+ git migration where gpg signing will be mandatory
+ \begin{itemize}
+ \item
+ send mail to -dev-announce what/why and how to do it, keylength and
+ more of that
+ \item action: WiliamH, draft + send the message
+ \end{itemize}
+ \item
+ change of \glep{39} only to allow devs to be council members
+ \begin{itemize}
+ \item discussion on whether such restriction is necessary, grobian noted that
+ foundation is legally responsible for council, hence nice to have those be
+ developers. betelgeuse noted that the GLEP is written to imply council
+ members to be devs. ulm pointed out non-dev proxies have been a problem
+ in the past (20090625 meeting).
+ \item betelgeuse suggested to effectuate this in the next council election.
+ Calchan aired his intentions to replace the Council completely which lead
+ to a discussion on when he will present those ideas.
+ \end{itemize}
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+No issues were raised.