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+\agendaitem{Handling of bash-completion}
+\index{bash completion}
+Reference: \agoref{gentoo-project}{b69cab4b36b6b3c6e68be82df09c2d36}
+After a short discussion of the topic, a majority of council members
+agreed that it is up to the shell-tools team to resolve the issue.
+dberkholz recommends that the eselect module should be kept, with
+all completions enabled by default but allowing opt-out by users.
+\agendaitem{Phase functions in eclasses}
+\index{eclasses!phase functions}
+References: \agoref{gentoo-project}{561ed4b5e0fa94eb1d4375693614aab1},
+The council voted unanimously that more discussion of this topic in
+the gentoo-dev mailing list will be needed.
+The question was then raised if we should move away from phase
+functions in eclasses altogether. Council members expressed different
+opinions on this. No vote was taken.
+\agendaitem{Games team policies}
+\index{Games team}
+Reference: (broken link)
+The discussion focussed upon two issues, namely that the games team
+allegedly tries to enforce policies on packages that they are not
+maintaining, and that they have not responded to some requests for
+joining their team.
+The following decisions were taken:
+\vote{Every developer is allowed to commit and maintain games
+ ebuilds, without the need to ask for permission or review from the
+ games team. The games team does not have authority to override
+ maintainer decisions on packages they don't maintain.}{
+ Accepted unanimously.
+ Note: This should be understood as clarification of existing policy.}
+There is consensus amongst council members that specific policies
+ (e.g., games group, /usr/games hierarchy, and games.eclass) should
+ be settled by the QA team.
+\vote{The council encourages the games team to accept join
+ requests and elect a lead. In the event they don't elect a lead
+ within 6 weeks, we will consider the team as dysfunctional and thus
+ disband it.}{
+ Accepted with 6 yes votes and 1 abstention.}
+\vote{The council appoints radhermit as the interim lead of games
+ until the elections are held.}{
+ Accepted with 4 yes votes and 3 abstentions.}
+At this point the meeting was adjourned. The council will continue
+with the remaining topics in two weeks.