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+\agendaitem{Discussion of GLEP39, "unresponsive projects" / "unresponsive
+project leads}
+\index{GLEP!39}\index{projects!unresponsive}\index{project leads!unresponsive}
+It was brought up what to do if a project and / or its lead are unresponsive,
+in particular if someone wants to co-maintain and help out but e.g. never gets
+a response to e-mails. The specific case in question was toolchain maintenance.
+The consensus was that developers should apply for project membership, and if
+no response at all comes within a reasonable timeframe, be bold, add themselves
+to the project, and start contributing in a resposible and careful way. This
+explicitly also applies to central projects such as toolchain.
+\agendaitem{Policy for long-term package masks}
+\index{package mask}
+The question was brought up whether packages can remain masked for an indefinite
+time, e.g. due to QA or security issues, or whether they have to be removed
+after some time.
+After discussion, the following motions were passed:
+\vote{Packages with security vulnerabilities may remain in tree package-masked
+for indefinite time, assuming there are no replacements for them and they have
+active maintainers.}{(5 yes, 2 no)}
+\vote{The security issue must be documented in the mask message, with bug
+number.}{(6 yes)}
+\agendaitem{Bug 523828 "GLEP 42 update: Unify gentoo-news repo and rsync
+Nothing left to do for the council, removed from CC list.
+\agendaitem{Open Floor}
+\index{games!masked games}
+Discussion regarding long-term masked games ensued. A suggestion was to start
+last-rites procedures in selected cases- if noone steps up and / or
+protests with good arguments, then the game is unmaintained and can be removed.