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+\agendaitem{Github and attitudes}
+Reference: \agoref{gentoo-project}{4929c54fc37dee78cdff606d4d9cb030}
+A lengthy discussion touching diverse topics ensued. In the end the
+following resolution was accepted with 4 yes votes, 0 no, 0
+abstentions, and 1 lack of response:
+\vote{The Gentoo council encourages contributions to Gentoo via manyfold
+ways. However, it also recognizes that the usage of Github, being a
+closed-source service, poses the danger of data lock-in and should not
+be preferred. The question has been posed whether the current usage of
+Github is in line with the Gentoo social contract- a question still
+open to interpretation.
+With this background the council asks for implementation of
+ \item
+ the two-way mirroring of Github pull requests to bugzilla (including
+ comments and patches)
+ \item
+ the public archiving of Github repository e-mail notifications
+ \item
+ and the mirroring of Github pull request git branches on Gentoo
+ infrastructure
+or functionally equivalent alternatives. The council believes that
+this should suffice for all developers to dispell doubts about
+adherence to the Gentoo social contract.}{4 yes votes, 0 no, 0
+abstentions, and 1 lack of response}