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[Future EAPI] add support for dynamic SLOTS
+Need for a variable to set the number of parallel jobs
[Future EAPI] Allow directories for use.* and package.* entries in profiles
+[Future EAPI]: BDEPEND (HDEPEND) for classifying build time dependencies as CBUILD or CHOST ones
Elections webpage lacks results for 2012 Council election
+[Future EAPI] Source eclasses only once
[Future EAPI] Allow bash-4.2 features
+document that pkgconfig files should not be modified/added/renamed
x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-* fails to build/load/run with kernel-*
+[Future EAPI] Suggest to specify a way to query for available USE flags
+[Future EAPI] Provide an ability to use 'nonfatal' on custom helpers
Missing log and summary for previous council meetings
+[Future EAPI] Recognise txz as tar.xz
[Future EAPI] Provide a function, like dodocs(), to process DOCS= without calling `default`
+[Future EAPI] Introduce get_libdir for consistency with econf
+[Future EAPI] Provide PATCHES array support in default phase of src_prepare
+[Future EAPI] Explicitly support DOCS=() to disable doc-install
+[Future EAPI] Introduce patch applying function
+[Future EAPI] Set 'failglob' by default for global (metadata) scope (was: 'nullglob')
Encourage developers to use the latest EAPI
+[Future EAPI] unpack should match extensions case-insensitively
Missing summary for 20130611 council meeting
+[Future EAPI] Consider that DOCS variable can contain directories
+[Future EAPI] unpack() should accept absolute paths
Dropping stable keywords on m68k, s390, sh
Missing summaries for 20131210, 20140114, and 20140225 council meetings
+dev-libs/openssl: disable tls-heartbeat by default
+net-misc/openssh: do not enable USE=hpn by default
GLEP 27 needs to be implemented (Portage Management of UIDs/GIDs)
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@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ bug {#1}}%
@@ -134,6 +134,12 @@ pdfauthor={Andreas K. Huettel}
+\chapter{Meeting summaries 2014/15}
\chapter{Meeting summaries 2015/16}
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+\agendaitem{Package Default USE Flags / Security}
+\index{default USE flags}\index{USE flags!default setting}
+\index{use flag!hpn}\index{use flag!tls-heartbeat}
+The council discussed default USE flags, in-particular including those
+of openssl and openssh (\bug{507130} and \bug{507210}). The council
+felt that this should be left to the maintainer's discretion.
+\vote{Per existing policy, the council leaves the default USE flags to the
+ discretion of the maintainer, but encourages following upstream when
+ there is no reason to do otherwise.}{Aye: dberkholz, rich0, scarabeus, ulm;
+ Not present for vote: blueness}
+\agendaitem{Non-upstream pkg-config}
+The council felt unanimously that an outright ban on non-upstream
+pkg-config files was inappropriate. It was felt that any sensible
+policy would leave it to the maintainer's discretion. The exact wording
+of the recommendations was deferred to the lists/etc.
+\vote{The council agrees to revise the devmanual policy regarding pkg-config
+ files to set guidelines for non-upstream pkg-config files but to leave
+ the inclusion up to the maintainer's discretion. Wording will be
+ worked out following the meeting, and in the meantime the changes
+ introduced in \bug{445130} will be reverted.}{Aye: blueness, dberkholz, rich0,
+scarabeus, ulm}
+\agendaitem{Bugs assigned to Council}
+\bug{503382} and \bug{477030} are for missing summaries --- those responsible
+are reminded to write them up.
+\bug{498332} was discussed and it was not felt that it was necessary for
+Council to remain CC'ed. A note to this effect will be posted on the
+bug by rich0.
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+No issues were brought forward.
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+\agendaitem{Approve Preliminary EAPI 6 Features}
+These were discussed/voted in blocks as suggested by ulm in discussion,
+but I'm going to split them up in the summary for clarity. See the log
+for the details of how things went:
+ \item
+ \vote{get\_libdir(), \bug{463586}:
+Used in econf, but so far not available as separate PM function}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{einstalldocs(), \bug{459692}}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{Query function for IUSE\_EFFECTIVE (or IUSE?), \bug{449862}}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{nonfatal die(), \bug{451938}}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{Allow empty DOCS variable, \bug{463736}}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{Directory support for DOCS, \bug{481980}}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{Unpack .txz, \bug{458102}}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{Case-fold extensions in unpack, \bug{476730}}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{unpack() accept absolute paths, \bug{483244}}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{Bash 4.2, \bug{431340}}{
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{failglob in global scope, \bug{463822}}{
+(Council agreed on failglob in global scope only - not local scope.)
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm}
+\vote{PATCHES support in default src\_prepare, \bug{463692}}{
+Aye: dilfridge, rich0;
+Nay: blueness, dberkholz;
+Abstain: ulm.
+This motion was defeated.}
+There was extensive discussion on user patches, and we'll continue on
+the list before voting next week.
+Meeting called and will be continued on 17 Jun 2014 at 19:00 UTC.
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+\agendaitem{Approve Preliminary EAPI 6 Features}
+The rest of the EAPI6 were discussed and voted on. Vote results listed here:
+\item \vote{
+User patches:
+The council endorses an eapply\_user function in the PM to apply user
+patches in EAPI6. This will be called by the default src\_prepare, and
+must be called once if src\_prepare is overrided by either a non-virtual
+ebuild or eclass.}{
+Aye: blueness, creffett (proxy for williamh), dilfridge, rich0, scarabeus, ulm;
+Nay: dberkholz.
+\item \vote{
+PATCHES support in default src\_prepare,
+(This item was re-visted in light of user patches being approved)}{
+Aye: blueness, creffett (proxy for williamh), dilfridge, rich0, scarabeus, ulm;
+Nay: dberkholz.
+Patch applying function in package manager,
+Needed for PATCHES support and user patches.
+This would duplicate epatch() from eutils, in simplified form.
+Name "eapply" has been suggested.
+(This item was not voted upon, as it was considered implied by the
+acceptance of the other two patch features.)
+\item \vote{
+EJOBS variable,
+Nay: blueness, dberkholz, rich0, ulm;
+Abstain: creffett (proxy for williamh), dilfridge, scarabeus;
+\item \vote{
+Source eclasses only once,
+Nay: blueness, creffett (proxy for williamh), dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, ulm;
+Abstain: scarabeus;
+\item \vote{
+HDEPEND: host dependencies for cross-compilation,
+Nay: blueness, dilfridge, scarabeus;
+Abstain: creffett (proxy for williamh), dberkholz, rich0, ulm}
+\item \vote{
+Directory support for package* and use*,
+Not intended for gentoo-x86 tree (at this time), only to be used in overlays}{
+Aye: blueness, creffett (proxy for williamh), dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0,
+scarabeus, ulm}
+\agendaitem{Max EAPI Count in Tree / Min Time Between EAPI}
+\index{EAPI!count in tree}
+See the log for full discussion, but the Council felt that since future
+Councils already need to approve new EAPIs, they can decide at that time
+whether doing so is appropriate.
+\vote{Should the council set a limit on \# of EAPIs?}{
+Nay: blueness, creffett (proxy for williamh), dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0,
+scarabeus, ulm}
+\vote{Should the council set a minimum time between EAPIs?}{
+Nay: blueness, creffett (proxy for williamh), dberkholz, rich0, scarabeus, ulm;
+Abstain: dilfridge}
+\agendaitem{Semi-official Dev-hosted Services}
+The Council accepted this provided that the name assignments make it
+clear what is and isn't official. * and *
+were given as possible suggestions.
+Aye: blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, scarabeus, ulm;
+Abstain: creffett (proxy for williamh)\\[0.2cm]
+Meeting called and will be continued on 24 Jun 2014 at 19:00 UTC.
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+\agendaitem{IUSE\_RUNTIME / GLEP 62}
+See the logs for full discussion.
+There will likely be a need for some bikeshedding on the lists as it
+comes time to implement this, as we set guidelines on when this feature
+should be used.
+\vote{The council accepts IUSE\_RUNTIME for implementation in EAPI 6 as
+outlined in \glep{62}. The actual GLEP will be approved when EAPI 6 is
+approved as part of PMS.}{Aye: blueness, dilfridge, rich0, williamh. Passed.}
+\agendaitem{Bugs assigned to Council}
+dberkholz and betelgeuse are reminded to upload their summaries and link
+on the council page.
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+Only item brought up was general celebration that our term is finally
+ended, and those of us who return are looking forward to it!