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+Summary of Gentoo council meeting 11 October 2015
+Roll call
+blueness, dilfridge, jlec, k_f, rich0, ulm, williamh
+1. EAPI=4 deprecation
+By unanimous agreement EAPI=4 is declared deprecated.
+2. Behaviour of asterisk with = dependency operator
+By unanimous vote, the proposed PMS modification is introduced
+retroactively for all EAPIs.
+By the current description of the * operator in PMS, a dependency
+cat/foo-1.2* matches cat/foo-1.2, cat/foo-1.2.1, etc. but it also
+matches cat/foo-1.20. The definition in PMS is updated such that
+version components cannot be split when matching (i.e. 1.2* would not
+match 1.20).
+3. Runtime dependencies and dynamic dependency deprecation
+The following policy was accepted by unanimous vote:
+"Maintainers must not assume that dynamic dependencies will be applied
+by the package manager. When changing runtime dependencies the
+maintainer should revision the ebuild if the changes are likely to
+cause problems for end users."
+The details, in particular the explicit rules proposed by rich0 on the
+gentoo-devel mailing list, were referred back to the list for further
+discussion and should eventually become recommendations. Further
+decisions on policies may also be up to the QA team.
+4. Games policies
+After some discussion on the details of FHS, the merit of separate
+users and directories for games and our Gentoo directory structure,
+the following votes as proposed by rich0 were taken:
+"1. Decide that games should not be owned by a games group, and that
+in the default configuration users should not have to be in the games
+group to run games."
+Motion accepted with 6 yes and 1 abstention
+"2. Games should be installed in /usr and not /usr/games as with most
+Motion not passed, 2 yes, 2 no and 3 abstentions
+5. Games bugzilla component
+By unanimous vote the 'Games" component of bugzilla will be assigned
+by default to bug wranglers instead of the games team.
+The meeting will be continued on next sunday, same time and place.
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