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+[00:00:00] - {Tageswechsel: Montag, 27. Juli 2015}
+[21:00:29] -*- WilliamH is here
+[21:00:43] -*- K_F too
+[21:02:26] -*- dilfridge here
+[21:02:55] <dilfridge> ok since we dont have a designated chair yet
+[21:03:08] <dilfridge> blueness: ulm: rich0: ping
+[21:03:23] <dilfridge> jlec: ping
+[21:03:28] <dilfridge> roll call :)
+[21:03:40] <blueness> i'm here
+[21:04:27] <blueness> dilfridge: thanks for the ping i lost tack of time as usual
+[21:04:37] <jlec> I'm here
+[21:04:49] <jlec> Hi everyone
+[21:04:56] <blueness> hi jlec welcome on board
+[21:05:04] <jlec> blueness: Thanks
+[21:05:08] <dilfridge> hi & welcome jlec & K_F :)
+[21:05:16] <K_F> thanks :)
+[21:05:25] <jlec> I am looking forward to the new experience
+[21:05:49] <jlec> Hoping for some guidance from the oldtimers.
+[21:05:52] <dilfridge> ok ulm and rich0 still missing
+[21:06:06] <K_F> rich0: said he likely isn't going to make it today after all
+[21:06:10] <dilfridge> ok
+[21:06:16] <blueness> k
+[21:06:22] <K_F> he left some comments in backlog on timing that goes to one of the votes
+[21:06:47] <K_F> s/votes/agenda items/
+[21:06:54] <dilfridge> anyone got ulm's number already?
+[21:07:04] <blueness> K_F: welcome on board too
+[21:07:10] -*- dilfridge forgetful
+[21:07:18] <K_F> dilfridge: no, don't have his #
+[21:07:21] <K_F> blueness: thanks
+[21:07:39] <blueness> dilfridge: we're just scheduling dates for chairing and times to meet no?
+[21:07:50] <dilfridge> think so, just picking out the agena
+[21:08:01] <K_F> proposed agenda:
+[21:08:03] <K_F> - Vote for holding meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 1900 UTC
+[21:08:03] <K_F> - Vote for continuing last council's workflow considering sending call
+[21:08:03] <K_F> for agenda items (2 weeks in advance), sending the agenda (1 week in
+[21:08:03] <K_F> advance) and have the meeting focussed, e.g., have major discussions
+[21:08:05] * dilfridge has changed topic for #gentoo-council to: "Next meeting: Monday, July 27 2015 19:00 UTC | | |"
+[21:08:05] <K_F> on -project ML prior to the meeting
+[21:08:08] <K_F> - Appoint chairmen for this term's meetings
+[21:08:10] <K_F> - Open bugs with council involvement
+[21:08:13] <K_F> - Open floor to council members to introduce themselves to the others,
+[21:08:15] <K_F> and/or raise issues they would like to deal with
+[21:08:18] <K_F> - Open floor to community
+[21:08:26] <dilfridge> ok
+[21:08:30] <dilfridge> so let's start
+[21:08:54] <dilfridge> blueness: jlec: K_F: rich0: ulm: WilliamH meetin starts
+[21:09:03] <blueness> k
+[21:09:04] <dilfridge> )1 Vote for holding meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 1900 UTC
+[21:09:16] <dilfridge> so I think we wanted to change this, right?
+[21:09:26] <blueness> we do?
+[21:09:28] <K_F> this was rich0's comments, he prefers weekends due to business hours on his side
+[21:09:36] <blueness> ah
+[21:09:48] <K_F> I agree with him, as I'm also travelling a lot during weeks for business purposes
+[21:09:51] <jlec> Sounds like. I am open for every day. But not during nighttimes in UTC+2
+[21:10:05] <K_F> I propose we make it Sundays at 1900 UTC
+[21:10:13] <dilfridge> I'm fine with current timing, but other days are also possible (e.g. sunday)
+[21:10:22] <blueness> i can do sunday
+[21:10:26] <jlec> me too
+[21:11:06] <dilfridge> WilliamH: ?
+[21:11:40] <WilliamH> I can do Sunday if need be
+[21:12:20] <dilfridge> shall we do a vote? "Move the meeting to Sunday 1900 UTC", yes no abstain
+[21:12:39] <blueness> yes
+[21:12:41] <jlec> yes
+[21:12:42] -*- K_F yes
+[21:12:44] -*- dilfridge abstains
+[21:13:11] <K_F> 18:19 <@rich0> I'd just strongly advise that we avoid weekdays, or have the
+[21:13:14] <K_F> meetings sometime other than business hours (anywhere a council
+[21:13:17] <K_F> member is present). It is getting much harder to attend council
+[21:13:20] <K_F> meetings.
+[21:13:33] <dilfridge> ok that is effectively yes from rich0 too
+[21:14:08] <dilfridge> WilliamH: yes no abstain ?
+[21:14:17] -*- WilliamH abstains
+[21:14:39] <dilfridge> ok ulm and rich0 absent, so 3 yes, 2 abstain, 0 no, 2 absent
+[21:14:50] <dilfridge> meetings will be sunday 19:00 utc
+[21:15:30] <dilfridge> I'd suggest we keep the "2nd ..." rule, so this would be 2nd sunday of the month... do we need to vote on this?
+[21:15:34] <dilfridge> (I think no)
+[21:15:38] <K_F> fine with me
+[21:15:43] <WilliamH> fine here too
+[21:15:50] <blueness> its okay
+[21:16:01] <jlec> yes, 2nd is good
+[21:16:20] <dilfridge> ok excellent. one agenda item done... this means next meeting will be 9/Aug.
+[21:16:44] -*- dilfridge will be absent unless there's inflight wifi...
+[21:17:19] <K_F> how does the proxy system works, do we select a person individually that can represent in meetings if we know we're absent on a particular date?
+[21:17:25] <dilfridge> 2) Vote for continuing last council's workflow considering sending call
+[21:17:25] <dilfridge> for agenda items (2 weeks in advance), sending the agenda (1 week in
+[21:17:25] <dilfridge> advance) and have the meeting focussed, e.g., have major discussions
+[21:17:25] <dilfridge> on -project ML prior to the meeting
+[21:17:45] <dilfridge> K_F: just pick someone, yes (tell the rest of us before)
+[21:17:46] <K_F> and notify on alias etc? with notes etc..
+[21:17:48] <WilliamH> dilfridge: sounds fine for me.
+[21:17:51] <blueness> K_F you choose your victim
+[21:18:01] <K_F> sounds good
+[21:18:14] <jlec> dilfridge: I would keep it like is. Seems to work fine
+[21:18:24] <K_F> workflow works for me
+[21:18:30] <dilfridge> so, about 2), keep the workflow... let's vote YES NO ABSTAIN :)
+[21:18:35] -*- K_F yes
+[21:18:38] -*- WilliamH yes
+[21:18:40] -*- dilfridge yes
+[21:18:47] <blueness> yes
+[21:19:06] <jlec> yes
+[21:19:21] <dilfridge> ok that's 5 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain, 2 absent
+[21:19:29] <dilfridge> 3) meeting chairs
+[21:19:45] <dilfridge> I can't do next one but will be happy to do Sep/Oct
+[21:19:49] <K_F> alphabetical order?
+[21:20:05] <WilliamH> K_F: usually volunteers
+[21:20:14] <dilfridge> lets make ulm next chair (for missing out today) :)
+[21:20:16] <blueness> dilfridge: i would like to do the june/july meetings
+[21:20:37] -*- dilfridge fires up nano
+[21:20:38] <jlec> I have no preferences on that.
+[21:20:43] <K_F> I have no strong preference for time of chairing
+[21:20:44] <blueness> because i don't teach during the summer and its hard to predict if i might miss a meeting during the year
+[21:20:58] <blueness> unlikely but could happen even on a sunday with a heavy week coming up
+[21:21:51] <dilfridge> ok any volunteer for next meeting? maybe someone who's already been around? WilliamH?
+[21:22:11] <WilliamH> heh, ok, I'll volunteer...
+[21:22:21] <jlec> thanks
+[21:22:22] <dilfridge> done, you've been volunteered
+[21:22:29] <WilliamH> What does it involve though besides running the meeting -- does the Chair keep the log?
+[21:22:36] <WilliamH> and write the summary?
+[21:22:41] <dilfridge> usually yes
+[21:23:12] <dilfridge> ok then maybe, jlec K_F anyone of you in nov-dec?
+[21:23:17] <WilliamH> I'm not sure how to upload, so I may need someone to tell me how to put the info on the site.
+[21:23:24] <dilfridge> WilliamH: I can help you, sure
+[21:23:35] <blueness> WilliamH: its easy
+[21:23:37] <K_F> dilfridge: fine for me
+[21:23:43] <dilfridge> ok K_F nov,dec
+[21:23:59] <dilfridge> jlec: jan/feb ok?
+[21:24:01] <blueness> just commit to the repo and link from the wiki
+[21:24:12] <jlec> dilfridge: sure, although
+[21:24:17] <jlec> no although
+[21:24:32] <dilfridge> we dont have to fix this now, there's still lots of time
+[21:24:52] -*- WilliamH will take a second one later in the term also... We have June and July covered right?
+[21:24:57] <dilfridge> ok I'll upload the table and then we can always fill the remaining slots later.
+[21:25:09] <dilfridge> yes, jun/jul covered, but mar-may is free
+[21:25:17] <WilliamH> hmm
+[21:25:24] <WilliamH> put me down for May I guess
+[21:25:26] <blueness> rich0: ?
+[21:25:30] <dilfridge> let's keep some free slots for rich0 and ulm :D
+[21:26:05] <dilfridge> 4) Open bugs with council involvement
+[21:26:17] -*- dilfridge goes searchign
+[21:26:29] <WilliamH> I had one but no more since I'm going to the ml with a new proposal.
+[21:26:32] <K_F> bug #503382
+[21:26:34] <willikins> K_F: "Missing summaries for 20131210, 20140114, and 20140225 council meetings"; Doc Other, Project-specific documentation; CONF; ulm:council
+[21:26:36] <K_F> bug #537996
+[21:26:39] <willikins> K_F: ">=sys-apps/openrc-0.13 netmount script cannot properly mount nfs shares"; Gentoo Hosted Projects, OpenRC; CONF; zerochaos:openrc
+[21:26:52] <K_F> the first will have to be delt with by previous council
+[21:27:05] <K_F> the 2nd I believe is deferred, but I'll leave that one to WilliamH
+[21:27:11] <dilfridge> the second one is the one deferred
+[21:27:11] <WilliamH> K_F: no longer, I dropped council because I'm going to do an rfc for a new proposal.
+[21:27:26] <dilfridge> the first one, well we just have to keep kicking people
+[21:27:43] <dilfridge> nothing new, just move along please
+[21:27:56] <dilfridge> 5) Open floor to council members to introduce themselves to the others, and/or raise issues they would like to deal with
+[21:27:58] <dilfridge> sooo
+[21:28:12] <dilfridge> who wants to speak? in alphabetical order...
+[21:28:32] <jlec> :)
+[21:28:33] <blueness> i am silent like the grave!
+[21:28:39] <dilfridge> (not mandatory of course)
+[21:28:50] <dilfridge> ok I dont really have much new to say either, but
+[21:28:54] <blueness> j/k
+[21:29:00] <blueness> i'll start
+[21:29:07] <dilfridge> go!
+[21:29:07] <jlec> So I am probably the first one.
+[21:29:09] <blueness> i'm a prof at D'Youville college buffalo ny usa
+[21:29:18] <blueness> done
+[21:29:22] <dilfridge> hehe
+[21:29:22] <blueness> jlec go ahead
+[21:29:41] <jlec> I am PostDoc in Biochemical/Biophysical research
+[21:29:53] <blueness> nice where
+[21:29:59] <jlec> Mainly focusing on Protein structure elucidation using NMR
+[21:30:06] <jlec> in Juelich, western Germany
+[21:30:22] <jlec> it's a research centre similar to Max Planck society
+[21:30:24] <blueness> my ph.d was in condensed matter
+[21:30:26] <blueness> cornell
+[21:30:47] <jlec> I am looking after our whole computational IT infrastructure there
+[21:30:47] <blueness> nice jlec !
+[21:31:24] <jlec> doing some research myself but mostly guide and supervise undergrads and PhD students
+[21:32:12] <jlec> Beside that I am doing lots of mountaineering and climbing
+[21:33:00] <dilfridge> ok... K_F?
+[21:33:04] <jlec> Gentoo came to my life through need of a good platform for scientific software. Donnie picked me up long ago and since then I contributed
+[21:33:06] <dilfridge> sorry
+[21:33:13] <jlec> no problem.
+[21:33:28] <jlec> K_F: go ahead
+[21:33:33] <K_F> I work in Finance in Oslo, Norway (on various issues, mostly funding and investor relations as well as legal matters (EMTCN Programme updates etc)). In terms of computers I mostly focus on security, in particular Crypto, mainly around OpenPGP (e.g. In terms of Gentoo I would like to see the Gentoo tree being properly secured using OpenPGP. As part of that the gentoo-keys pr
+[21:33:39] <K_F> oject is vital, so I would strongly encourage the council members to ensure their keys are set up according to GLEP63.
+[21:33:48] <K_F> There are currently 51 devs with valid keys (53 valid keys in total). Of the council members the ratio of devs with valid keys is 4 of 7 (I have details on the individual needs in order to comply if you want me to go through that, or contact me in pmsg). The intention is for pushes to require a properly formed signature from a valid key after the git migration.
+[21:33:54] <K_F> besides that I'm owner of a Cigar importer and lounge here in Norway, and investor in fish exports (mostly codfish and pelagic (herring and mackerell).
+[21:35:09] <blueness> lutefisk?
+[21:35:20] <K_F> no, but stock fish / klippfisk
+[21:35:22] <blueness> or whatever its called
+[21:35:33] <jlec> nice business.
+[21:35:42] <K_F>
+[21:35:56] <K_F> been in the family for >100 years now
+[21:36:19] <blueness> heh cool
+[21:36:26] <K_F> << picture of facility
+[21:36:42] <K_F> 18,000 tonnes of fish in the blue one in the back :)
+[21:37:06] <blueness> ship some to buffalo
+[21:37:10] <blueness> :)
+[21:37:14] <K_F> :)
+[21:37:17] <jlec> I'll take the glacier in the back
+[21:37:28] <K_F> jlec: I'm going mountain hiking there in a week
+[21:37:44] <jlec> very nice! Enjoy!
+[21:37:57] <dilfridge> :)
+[21:38:39] <K_F> jlec:
+[21:39:01] <K_F> jlec: thats the view from that side 3 weeks ago
+[21:39:22] <jlec> (Y)
+[21:39:28] <blueness> dilfridge: tell people what you do!
+[21:39:34] <dilfridge> he
+[21:39:35] <dilfridge> h
+[21:39:38] <dilfridge> okok
+[21:39:46] <dilfridge> so about me
+[21:40:22] <dilfridge> I'm something roughly like an assistant prof at university, doing low-temperature nanophysics
+[21:40:48] <dilfridge> we work on the properties of single carbon nanotubes...
+[21:41:13] <dilfridge> living in Regensburg, Germany (that's Bavaria, althugh some of the locals might disagree)
+[21:41:28] -*- K_F awaits the Lätherhosen pictures
+[21:41:38] <dilfridge> have never owned nor worn one
+[21:41:52] <K_F> heh, I have one :p
+[21:42:13] <dilfridge> but you see them every time there's a local country fair
+[21:42:32] <blueness> dilfridge: so when are we going to see a space elevator build out of carbon nanotubes?
+[21:42:42] <dilfridge> unlikely...
+[21:42:44] <blueness> its the only stuff strong enough and flexible enough
+[21:42:56] <blueness> can't grow them big enough
+[21:42:58] <dilfridge> yes, the problem is making braid or similar
+[21:43:18] <blueness> same problem since 1990
+[21:43:21] <jlec> dilfridge: They are quite fun. I have been invited to a wedding party where they were obligatory.
+[21:43:34] <dilfridge> it's possible to grow some centimeters I think (at least that's the number from some years ago)
+[21:43:44] <dilfridge> hehe :D
+[21:44:04] <dilfridge> jlec: you know that they at some point have to stick to the seat because of the beer?
+[21:44:40] <dilfridge> anyway, that's it from me.
+[21:44:49] <dilfridge> anyone else still?
+[21:44:53] <K_F> WilliamH:
+[21:45:02] <jlec> yeah, and they are getting shiny because you never wash your hands but clean them at your Lederhose
+[21:45:23] <WilliamH> Well, I've been around Gentoo since 2004. I started in the accessibility project, and I'm still the lead there...
+[21:45:42] <WilliamH> I'm also the upstream author of OpenRC now, and on the QA team...
+[21:46:09] <ulm> sorry I'm very late
+[21:46:17] <WilliamH> I got a new job in May. I am a release engineer for Gaikai, inc, which is part of Sony Computer Entertainment.
+[21:46:34] <WilliamH>
+[21:46:52] <blueness> WilliamH: oh! i though dol-sen was doing that
+[21:46:57] <blueness> or are you both doing that?
+[21:47:06] <WilliamH> blueness: both of us.
+[21:47:09] <blueness> nice!
+[21:48:26] <WilliamH> Another hobby I have is I am an amateur radio operator.
+[21:48:44] <K_F> WilliamH: what is your callsign?
+[21:48:52] <WilliamH> K_F: kc5eiv
+[21:49:53] <WilliamH> K_F: I'm pretty much limited to UHF and VHF these days, it is tricky to run HF from an apartment. ;-)
+[21:50:35] <K_F> :)
+[21:50:54] <WilliamH> K_F: I guess you are also a ham, what is your call?
+[21:51:08] <K_F> I'm not, but I have a few acquaintances around that does
+[21:51:18] <K_F> one with a big-ass antenna on the roof in London
+[21:51:27] <WilliamH> K_F: cool. heh
+[21:52:01] <WilliamH> I guess that's all from me. :-)
+[21:52:24] <K_F> the most fun with regards to HAM is that the european GSM network overlap the US HAM radio network
+[21:52:33] <K_F> so you can run IMSI catchers for phones legally with a HAM license
+[21:52:46] <K_F> just need to send some signals in clear from time to time
+[21:52:57] <WilliamH> I've also played some classical trumpet in the past but it has been a while...
+[21:53:06] <WilliamH> nothing professional or anything, just for fun.
+[21:53:14] <K_F> WilliamH: ooh, I played trupmpet and cornett for a decade
+[21:53:31] <WilliamH> K_F: Cool.
+[21:54:07] -*- WilliamH is a big fan of Maurice Andre's work.
+[21:54:38] <K_F> will have to look that up, but Cindy Bradly does a good job on it
+[21:55:01] <WilliamH> Maurice Andre is a soloist... he's no longer with us... he did a lot of baroque stuff.
+[21:55:14] <K_F> Massive Transit is great background music
+[21:55:22] <WilliamH> A lot of piccolo trumpet.
+[21:55:23] <K_F> in particular while programming
+[21:57:09] <WilliamH> ulm: If you're still around, I guess I'll hand this over to you; do you want to tell the rest of us something about yourself? :-)
+[21:59:21] <ulm> sure
+[22:00:11] <ulm> I work as a physicist at Mainz university, in the nuclear physics institute
+[22:00:33] <ulm> mainly interested in nucleon structure
+[22:00:55] <ulm> doing some teaching too
+[22:01:29] <ulm> concerning my work in Gentoo, I guess most of you will know what I do :)
+[22:02:39] <ulm> I also happen to have an amateur radio call sign, but I'm no longer active since some years
+[22:04:07] <K_F> I love the Guthenberg museum in Mainz, we need to meet up next time I'm down there :)
+[22:04:57] <ulm> yeah, I guess he's the most famous person from Mainz :)
+[22:05:02] <K_F> that and the chapel in the mountaints with the Schegal windows..
+[22:05:21] <ulm> hm? Chagall?
+[22:05:26] <K_F> ehrm, right :)
+[22:06:22] <dilfridge> erhhm. ok. shall we now get to the last agenda item?
+[22:06:33] <dilfridge> * Open floor to community
+[22:06:35] <jlec> yes
+[22:06:45] <dilfridge> Anyone?
+[22:07:46] <dilfridge> ok that suspiciously sounds like noone.
+[22:08:10] <dilfridge> so, /me bangs the gavel. meeting closed!
+[00:00:00] - {Tageswechsel: Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015} \ No newline at end of file