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+Summary of Gentoo council meeting 14th August 2016
+1) Roll call
+Present: blueness dilfridge jlec K_F rich0 ulm WilliamH
+2) Discussion on the state of the stable tree[0]
+Various aspects of the state of the stable tree were discussed in the meeting
+and the Council decided on setting up a Working Group (WG) chaired by K_F to
+continue discussions and come back to the Council with recommendations at a
+later meeting on how to improve the state of the stable tree.
+3) Bugs with council participation[1]
+Bug 590972 titled "repoman should prevent people from adding a new package
+with a metadata.xml pointing to maintained-needed directly" was discussed.
+Adding a repoman check to stop addition of new packages directly to
+maintainer-needed was determined to be within current understood policy,
+and as such did not require a specific vote. Due to the bug report requesting
+a confirmation from Council, one was provided.
+The Council walked through the rest of the list of bugs listed for Council
+action and concluded that no new action that requires Council attention at
+this time has come up with them.
+4) Open floor
+It was briefly discussed whether an infra-side git push check could mitigate
+issues such as the one discussed in Bug 590972, but it was concensus that such
+a check would add little additional value.
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