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+Summary of the Gentoo council meeting 12 March 2017
+1. Roll call
+Present: blueness, dilfridge, jlec, k_f, rich0, ulm, williamh
+2. Open bugs with council involvement
+bug 565566 - New ChangeLogs are in chronological order
+No change of status, waiting for infra action.
+bug 571490 - Missing summary for 20151025 council meeting
+council approved the summary and dilfridge stated he would commit it.
+bug 611234 - Council vote: CVS headers and git expansion
+The following motion was put before the council by k_f and approved unanimously.
+The council confirms its earlier decision (2014-10-14 meeting) to drop CVS
+headers after migration to Git.
+1) Any $Id$ and $Header$ lines are to be removed from ebuilds and eclasses in
+the gentoo repository, as well as from other files, e.g., metadata, profiles,
+and files (except patches) in FILESDIR.
+2) Removal should be done at once, and a repoman check should be implemented to
+prevent such lines from accidentally being inserted again.
+3) Infra is asked not to expand any $Id$ or other keywords, neither at rsync
+generation time, nor via git attributes in the development repository.
+bug 610990 - Please create a BZ product "Gentoo Council" similar to "Gentoo
+Waiting for infra action
+3. Open floor
+Council was asked for a position on bug 611376, the github ToS change.
+We agreed that this is an issue for the Trustees, so out of our scope.
+Dilfridge advised council that his decisions keywording project is
+K_f advised council that there is a draft GLEP for the security project.
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