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+Summary of the Gentoo Council meeting 13 March 2016
+1. Roll call
+Present: blueness, dilfridge, floppym(proxy ulm), jlec, K_F, WilliamH
+Absent: rich0
+2. GLEP 42 update
+The Council considered ulm’s proposed extension of the News Item Format as
+specified in GLEP 42 to allow EAPI=5 style package dependency specifications.
+The Council unanimously approved the changes. This introduces “News item format
+3. Historical behaviour vs PMS
+The Council considered the question of how to deal with historical behavior of
+packages/eclasses and package managers that are not in compliance with PMS and
+adopted the following policy by vote of 5 yeses and 1 abstention.
+"All non-PMS-conformant behaviour should be considered a bug, and package /
+eclass / package manager / PMS maintainers should work together and strive to
+achieve consistent behaviour. We encourage the creation of trackers to identify
+and collect non-PMS-conformant behaviour and to propose fixes. The council
+recognizes that historically there has been a lack of cooperation; there is
+however no current reason why that should continue. If in any specific issue no
+progress at all is reached within 6 months, proposing the best technical
+solution is delegated to QA."
+4. Open bugs with council involvement
+The Council considered bug #575534, “Editing on XS screens”. It was not clear
+why the council was cc-ed and no action was taken.
+The Council also considered bugs #574952, “Games team intentionally ignoring
+messages and bugs in order to stall QA and Council” and #574080, “games.eclass:
+Path customization needs to be removed wrt 20151213 Council meeting”. The
+Council reiterated its position but did not see how we can force the Games Team
+to take action. It was suggested that QA act to correct the paths in the
+5. Open floor
+As a follow up on the discussion of the previous meeting about hasufell, blueness
+announced a new project, the LibreSSL project with members blueness, dilfridge,
+soap and zx2c4.
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