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\chapter{Code of Conduct}
+\section{``Code of Conduct'', Mar. 2007}
+This document describes Gentoo's Code of Conduct for public communication fora,
+as well as the action taken should it be broken.
+\subsection{Draft disclaimer}
+This document is an ongoing work, subject to growth and revision as Gentoo
+grows and changes.
+\paragraph{Joining and participation agreement}
+Gentoo prides itself on being a community driven distribution that acts with
+the best interest of the community at heart. Rules and regulations that keep us
+all moving in a forward direction are a reality for a community of this size.
+This document describes Gentoo's Code of Conduct for public communication
+mediums, who shall enforce said Code of Conduct, the action taken should the
+Code of Conduct be broken, as well as the method for appeals. Questions about
+this document and its contents can be directed to the council at
+By joining and/or participating in the Gentoo community, you are stating that
+you accept and agree to adhere to the rules listed below, even if you do not
+explicitly state so.
+\subsection{Behaviour and Consequences}
+\paragraph{Acceptable behaviour}
+Things that should be seen:
+ \item
+{\bf Be courteous.} Though respect is earned, it must start somewhere.
+ Respect someones right for their own opinion and acknowledge that they do
+ deserve a measure of politeness in your response.
+{\bf Give accurate information in the spirit of being helpful.}
+{\bf Respectfully disagree with or challenge other members.} The
+ operative word here is respectfully.
+{\bf Using the correct forum for your post.} Bug reports and idle
+ do not belong on the gentoo-dev mailing list; discussion about a
+ wide-ranging change to the tree probably does not belong on Bugzilla.
+ Different fora will also have different standards of behaviour -- a joke
+ that is perfectly acceptable on IRC will be taken differently when made on a
+ mailing list.
+{\bf Admit the possibility of fault and respect different point of views.}
+ Noone is perfect -- you will get things wrong occasionally. Don't be afraid
+ to admit this. Similarly, while something may seem perfectly obvious to you,
+ others may see it differently.
+{\bf If you screw up, take responsibility for your actions.}
+\paragraph{Unacceptable behaviour}
+Gentoo developers have come together with a common purpose, to further the
+project. Conflicts will undoubtedly arise, and though you are encouraged to work
+through issues on your own, assistance is available as requested and as needed.
+Deciding to suspend or ban someone isn't a decision to be taken lightly, but
+sometimes it has to happen. Below is a list of things that could result in
+disciplinary action.
+ \item
+ {\bf Flaming and trolling.} What is trolling? You are deemed to be trolling
+ if you make comments intended to provoke an angry response from others.
+What is flaming? Flaming is the act of sending or posting messages that are
+ deliberately hostile and insulting.
+{\bf Posting/participating only to incite drama or negativity}
+rather than
+ to tactfully share information.
+{\bf Being judgmental, mean-spirited or insulting.} It is possible to
+ respectfully challenge someone in a way that empowers without being
+ judgemental.
+{\bf Constantly purveying misinformation} despite repeated warnings.
+Disciplinary action will be up to the descretion of the proctors. What is a
+proctor? A proctor is an official charged with the duty of maintaining good
+order. If discplinary measures are taken and the affected person wishes to
+appeal, appeals should be addressed to the Gentoo Council via email at To prevent conflicts of interest, Council members may not
+perform the duties of a proctor.
+If you perceive a breach of the Code of Conduct guidelines, let the proctors
+know. Though they will also be watching many of the public mediums for any
+problems, they can not be expected to catch everything.
+The proctors will attempt to resolve the problem by talking to involved
+parties, potentially issuing warnings if appropriate. If the problem repeats
+itself, there are various options open to the proctors, including temporary or
+permanent suspension of a person's ability to post to mailing lists, removal of
+Bugzilla access, or in more severe cases suspension of developer privileges.
+Any action of this sort will require consensus from at least three proctors.
+If you are unsure whether or not something is OK to post/comment/etc,
+assume it isn't, and reconsider whether you need to post it. Remember that posts
+made to mailing lists are archived for perpetuity, and read by far more people
+than will be actively involved in any one thread. A comment made in anger can
+have far-reaching consequences that you might not have thought about at the
+Remember, the moment you participate in a public discussion on Gentoo medium,
+you have made yourself a representative of the Gentoo community. We hope that
+you will not take this responsibility lightly, and will prove to be a positive
+force in it.
\section{``CoC enforcement proposal'', by Donnie Berkholz, Nov. 2007}
Source: \agoref{gentoo-council}{cbfe572adb090dfba1cc004b1cca6979}