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+Agenda call: \agoref{gentoo-dev}{18a02ca59a658f740e66bee49e9addfd}
+Agenda announcement: \agoref{gentoo-dev}{b3641c1b94c8d2186801feea2cbe8ab5}
\agendaitem{GLEP 41}
\index{arch testers}\index{GLEPs!process}
@@ -27,7 +32,7 @@ is beyond the scope of the council's role in the GLEP).
\index{portage signing}
The last agenda item was a summary of the progress of portage signing as
-presented by Marius Mauch (genone). The story is dismal -- no progress
+presented by \dev{genone}. The story is dismal -- no progress
has really been made because nobody has taken ownership of implementing
it yet. Thus, the Council decided that its members would scratch the
beginnings of the GLEP together and forward that GLEP to the original