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+\agendaitem{Filling the empty slot}
+Last time there was an empty slot, we voted on whether to fill the slot
+with the next person from the original rankings. Let's do the same this
+time. It's Cardoe.
+Goal: Vote whether to approve Cardoe for the empty council slot.
+Result: Cardoe is a new council member.
+\agendaitem{PMS as a draft standard of EAPI 0}
+Goal: Vote whether to approve PMS as a draft standard of EAPI 0.
+ \item
+ There needs to be a PMS lead who is a Gentoo dev [calchan].
+ Both cardoe \& antarus volunteered if this was needed.
+ \item
+ Document the conflict resolution process that we agreed upon last
+ week [calchan].
+ \item
+ Document the patch acceptance process [halcy0n].
+ \item
+ Create a public mailing list so discussions and patches aren't lost on
+ the pms-bugs alias [cardoe].
+Result: PMS is a draft standard of EAPI 0, with acceptance conditional
+upon resolution of the above 4 requirements. They should be resolved
+within 2 weeks.