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+\agendaitem{Label profiles with EAPI for compatibility checks}
+\index{EAPI!in profiles}
+Should there be labels in the profiles telling package managers what
+ EAPI the profile uses. This proposal raised some concerns that
+ developers would modify current profiles and bump the EAPI which would
+ harm users' systems.
+ Profile EAPI files are approved for use in gentoo-x86 profiles.
+ The file for use in profiles is 'eapi'. All current profiles
+ are EAPI="0" and only new profiles can be marked with the profile
+ EAPI markers. Any developer profiles can be marked with a new
+\agendaitem{Retroactive EAPI change: Call ebuild functions from trusted working
+ directory}
+Donnie(dberkholz) commented that it may not be needed to add something
+ to EAPI=0 that is in all the Package Managers.
+ Conclusion:
+ Approved. This change applies to all current EAPIs(0,1,2).
+\agendaitem{Metadata variable for DEFINED_PHASES}
+\index{metadata cache}\index{DEFINED_PHASES}
+Should a metadata variable be added containing the list of all phases
+ defined in the ebuild or eclasses?
+ Conclusion:
+ Approved. Infra will do a full regen of the metadata cache once
+ portage has support for it.