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+\agendaitem{Open Council Spot}
+Should leio fill the empty council spot?
+ Since Mark(halcy0n) resigned from the council there is an empty spot.
+ Since Mart Raudsepp(leio) is ranked next from the last election, he is
+ eligible to fill the spot.
+ Conclusion:
+ Mart Raudsepp is unanimously approved for the council.
+\agendaitem{GLEP 55}
+ There had been quite a bit of discussion on this topic recently.
+ Within hours of the council meeting new proposals were being proposed
+ and discussion was ongoing.
+ Conclusion:
+ No decision as of yet. Ciaran Mccreesh(ciaranm) and Zac
+ Medico(zmedico) volunteered to benchmark the various proposals on
+ the package managers they maintain(paludis and portage
+ respectively. Petteri(Betelgeuse) will assist with the portage
+ benchmarks. Tiziano(dev-zero) and Alec Warner(antarus) will write
+ up a comparison of the various proposals and their various
+ advantages and disadvantages within a week.
+\agendaitem{GLEP 54}
+ There had been some discussion on gentoo-dev since last meeting,
+ though no consensus or agreement had been reached(surprise!)
+ Conclusion:
+ Thomas Anderson(tanderson) and Luca Barbato(lu_zero) will write up
+ a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the two
+ proposals(-scm and _live). This will be completed within a week.
+\agendaitem{Overlay Masking in Repositories}
+ Brian Harring(ferringb) asked for discussion for when overlays
+ attempted to unmask packages provided by the master
+ repository(gentoo-x86). Because this is only available in portage
+ (it is contrary to PMS), Brian thought it should not be allowed.
+ Numerous suggestions were made to the effect that if a standardized
+ set format was agreed upon for repositories and package.unmask was
+ allowed to contain sets, then this problem would be fixed.
+ Conclusion:
+ No decision, as only discussion was requested. Mart Raudsepp(leio)
+ will follow up on this with discussion on gentoo-dev