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+\agendaitem{Approve wording of PMS for EAPI 3}
+ This call for approval comes from the perspective that package manager
+ developers currently do not know the specifics of what to code for
+ EAPI 3. With this approved package manager developers can write code
+ and testcases for each feature and know that the specifics of each
+ feature is final(some features may be removed however).
+ Conclusion:
+ Approved, EAPI 3 specifications have been merged to the main PMS
+ repository. EAPI 3 will be tagged when developers are able to use
+ it.
+\agendaitem{Vote on GLEP 54}
+ This vote was called for by dertobi123. The vote was on whether to
+ approve \glep{54} conditional on whether is passed. The reason
+ for this is that \glep{54} is unimplementable without the problems
+ mentioned in \glep{55} being solved.
+ Conclusion:
+ Conditionally approved on whether \glep{55} is approved.
+\agendaitem{Vote on GLEP 55}
+ A vote was required on this GLEP since \glep{54} was already passed
+ conditional on this vote.
+ Conclusion:
+ After quite a bit of confusion in the voting (people changing their
+ votes), a tie(3-3) vote was reached. Therefore, no decision was
+ reached. This vote will be brought up again next meeting so that
+ the tie can be broken(hopefully with everyone present).
+\agendaitem{Discussion of dropping static libraries automatically}
+\index{static libraries}\index{libraries!static}\index{EAPI!4}
+ Peter Alfredsen(loki_val) asked the council to discuss the ability to
+ automatically drop static libraries from installs and the best way to
+ do so.
+ Conclusion:
+ The council unanimously voted that developers, at their
+ discretion, can drop static libraries but it will not be the
+ default. The council also expressed support for an EAPI 4 proposal
+ to automatically disable static libraries via configure options.
+\agendaitem{Council Election Update}
+ The election team decided to hold nominations for the Gentoo Council
+ from June 1st to June 14th with the voting period running from June
+ 16th to June 30th. Results will likely be announced on July 2nd. The
+ election officials for this election are NeddySeagoon, rane, and
+ jmbsvicetto with fox2mike as the infrastructed liaison.