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+\agendaitem{Absence of Tiziano (dev-zero)}
+Tiziano Muller (dev-zero) appointed Ciaran McCreesh (ciaranm) as his proxy on
+the council@g.o alias. However, four out of the seven council members agreed
+that proxies must be gentoo developers(which ciaranm is not) just as council
+members must be. Thus, because Tiziano did not attend the meeting he is
+considered absent.
+\agendaitem{Define EAPI development/deployment cycles}
+\index{EAPI!development cycle}
+ No vote was taken on this, though many members were not supportive of
+ the 'codename for features' part.
+\agendaitem{EAPI 3 progress}
+ Zac Medico(zmedico) reported that he'd been pretty active with portage
+ development the past week and that EAPI 3's implementation should be
+ done within a month.
+\agendaitem{Discussing the past year}
+\index{council!web app}
+ Petteri (Betelgeuse) mentioned having a web application to handle agenda
+ creation and approval by council members to streamline the policy set
+ towards the end of the term to 'ACK' agendas before the meeting.