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- \item
Either we form a new committee / working group for EAPI and PMS questions (more
or less \dev{calchan}'s proposal). There should be one or two members from
the council, plus someone from the PMS project, and a representative for each
package manager.
- \item
In principle also the PMS project could play this role, but with its current
membership of only three developers it is too weak. So some relevant people (see
-above) would have to join. OTOH, there's already a bugzie alias (pms-bugs), a
-mailing list (gentoo-pms) and an IRC channel set up.
- \item
+above) would have to join. On the other hand, there is already a bugzilla alias
+(pms-bugs), a mailing list (gentoo-pms) and an IRC channel set up.
Something (completely) different.