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+\agendaitem{Update on LiveCD/DVD for Gentoo 10.0.}
+ Ned Ludd(solar) commmented that things were progressing fine. A new snapshot
+ will be taken on September 20th and the cutoff date will be the 4th of
+ October.
+\agendaitem{A Way to Modify the PMS such that it doesn't directly involve the
+EAPI Process}
+ Joshua Jackson (tsunam) requested a decision on a process to modify PMS
+ without involving the EAPI Process.
+ There was discussion about whether PMS is a documenting simply documenting
+ the ebuild API or if it is a broader document covering the entire tree.
+ Agenda Item 3.1 (\agoref{gentoo-council}{96c702e85f79b8f5e22472ae2c961534})
+was deferred until the next meeting to be discussed on
+ mailing lists beforehand.
+\agendaitem{ Discussion of the Need for a PMS/EAPI committee outside of the
+ Of the three proposals (an external committee consisting of package
+ representatives, a council member or two, and perhaps members of the PMS
+ project; using the existing PMS project; something completely different),
+ the council chose to do something complete different and what will be done
+ will be discussed on list or next meeting.