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+Agenda call: \agoref{gentoo-council}{a1b9ff3372c7ce95c2950f7e5bf75d3a}
-\agendaitem{GLEP 39 discussion}
+Agenda announcement: \agoref{gentoo-council}{3d8acafd0b31b7256adbb466e0acd0ed}
+\agendaitem{GLEP 39 overhaul discussion}
+ \item
+ \agoref{gentoo-project}{df5433a1e6cbe479462da8f5fe588299}
+ \item
+ \agoref{gentoo-project}{76311b25ccb18fff4764955db55ad0ea}
+A discussion on the voting procedures summarized in the
+\agoref{gentoo-project}{df5433a1e6cbe479462da8f5fe588299} took place. It was
+decided that all 5 options from that e-mail should be present in a future
+ballot on voting procedures.
+Regarding present and future changes to the council structure, see the
+\agoref{gentoo-project}{76311b25ccb18fff4764955db55ad0ea}, consensus was that
+the new text should be a ``constitution'', which can only be updated with an
+all developer vote.
+Regarding the role of the council (e.g., responsive versus proactive), see the
+\agoref{gentoo-project}{6009db554b00ae9de67047206c7698be}, an additional option
+``Each council should set its mode of operation after being elected.'' was
+proposed. The trustee option should be a separate vote.
+The options on potentially selecting a council lead, see the
+\agoref{gentoo-project}{3806fe4e42dc8ce013e247a081e3d4a0}, were seen to be
+suitable for a ballot.
+There was consensus that such a central re-organization of Gentoo structure as
+proposed here should not be rushed, with sufficient time for discussion on the
+mailing lists. An action list was prepared.
+\agendaitem{Open Floor}
+No items were brought up.