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+\agendaitem{Stable USE masks in the main Portage tree}
+Reference: \agoref{gentoo-dev}{a9492947c953dc48f74c825d8704ffc0}
+Vote on the proposal "Stable USE masks in the main portage tree" by
+Michał Górny. There are three suggested approaches:
+\item by adding new profiles requiring EAPI=5, requiring all users to
+ change, and then deprecating the older profile trees [if chosen; a
+ subsequent vote on the timeframes involved will follow]
+\item by adding new profiles and using USE-flag masking to keep current
+ profiles functional
+\item defining use.stable.mask features such that they only apply to EAPI>5
+ ebuilds
+Note: option 1) requires a decision on the deprecation timeframe.
+The council agreed unanimously to vote between the three proposed solutions.
+Solution \#1 won with 7 votes.
+A remark was made by grobian that BSD and Prefix profiles are unversioned as
+noted by the initial email introducing the solutions, and that they need
+some care and consideration, best dealt with directly with BSD and Prefix
+The deprecation timeframe for pre-EAPI-5 profiles was voted 6 to 1 to be 1
+There was no agreement on whether this is a minimum or maximum of waiting time.
+Some even argued that this was a matter of standard deprecation policies.
+This period is bound to a possible deprecation of older EAPIs, and influenced
+the duration of the timeframe, for some council members to be at least 1 year,
+instead of maximum.
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+\bug{383467}: For this bug to be closed, the master ballots for 2011 and 2012
+will need to be uploaded and linked. jmbsvicetto uploaded some missing data,
+but the 2012 results and rank are still missing. The bug remains open.
+\agendaitem{Open Floor}
+User johu asked who would document the "one year end of support" decision and
+where. The council documents the decision in the summaries, which are
+Zero\_Chaos wanted to know the opinion of Council on micro EAPIs, to work
+around the relatively high amount of time necessary to complete a full new
+EAPI. The council replied that EAPI features simply should be in PMS, and that
+the most work goes in there. Assistance is welcomed.