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+\agendaitem{Support for separate /usr partition}
+\index{separate /usr}\index{initramfs}\index{/usr merge}\index{FHS}
+ \item
+ Message-ID: 20130801003614.GA29807@linux1 (not in archives)
+ \item
+ \url{}
+ \item
+ \url{}
+ \item
+ \wgoref{Early_Userspace_Mounting}
+ \item
+ \wgoref{Initramfs/Guide}
+williamh asked for clarification of the vote about separate /usr
+support taken in the April 2012 meeting [Ref. 2]. Newer developments in
+some upstream packages make supporting a proper barrier between root
+and /usr filesystems increasingly difficult. A long discussion
+followed. Taking a decision about the question if we should do the
+/usr merge was generally regarded as too early. It was noted the
+latest FHS standard [Ref. 3] still requires that a system must be able to
+boot off root without /usr, and that we should not remove support
+where it already exists. In setups with an initramfs, some of the boot
+and repair functionality can be moved from the root filesystem to the
+initramfs. It was also observed that we need official documentation on
+how to install a system with an initramfs, although some documentation
+is already in place [Refs. 4, 5].
+Two votes were taken:
+\vote{Since that particular setup may already be subtly broken today
+ depending on the installed software, Council recommends using an
+ early boot mount mechanism, e.g. initramfs, to mount /usr if /usr
+ is on a separate partition.}{
+ Accepted unanimously.}
+\vote{The intention is to eventually not require maintainers to support
+ a separate /usr without an early boot mechanism once the Council
+ agrees that the necessary docs/migration path is in place.}{
+ Accepted with 4 yes votes, 1 no vote, 2 abstentions.}
+\agendaitem{Locale for build logs in bugzilla}
+\index{build logs}\index{locale}
+Reference: \agoref{gentoo-project}{daa09e196660d1ecfe2fb7a7726ce489}
+dilfridge suggested that we should make build logs English by default,
+by setting an appropriate locale in our profiles. From the previous
+mailing list discussion the conclusion was that LC_MESSAGES=C would be
+an appropriate setting.
+\vote{Make a news item, then add LC_MESSAGES=C to the base profile
+ make.defaults.}{
+ Accepted unanimously.}
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+ \item
+\bug{477030}: No progress since last meeting.
+ Action: scarabeus will talk to betelgeuse (who was chairman of the
+ June meeting).
+ No action to be taken by the council. This should be sorted out
+ within the releng team.
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+Q: Does the council favour git migration? (xmw)
+A: The council is in favour of the migration to git, and has expressed
+ its support already in a previous meeting (20110608).