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+\agendaitem{Drop support for separate /usr partition}
+\index{separate /usr}\index{initramfs}
+Reference: (dead link)
+Following the decision in the 20130813 meeting, williamh asked the
+council to agree that the preparations for early boot mechanisms are
+complete and that the necessary documentation is in place. In the
+following discussion it was noted that documentation for NFS mounted
+/usr was still missing (\bug{481660}). According to williamh, this
+should just work, without any need for separate documentation. Some
+council members expressed their concern that separate /usr support
+shouldn't be removed proactively. The overall opinion on this was that
+the base-system team should be trusted to do the right thing. It was
+agreed that a news item should be sent, followed by a reasonable
+transition time for users.
+\vote{The Council agrees that all preparations for dropping support for
+ separate /usr without an initramfs or similar boot mechanism are
+ complete. A news item will be prepared, and users will be given one
+ month to switch after the news item has been sent.}{
+ Accepted with 5 yes votes, 1 no vote, 1 abstention.}
+Action: Prepare the news item (williamh).
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+ \item
+ \bug{481202}:
+ No action, but leave the bug open as a tracker.
+ \item
+ \bug{477030}:
+ No progress since last meeting.
+ \item
+ \bug{457000}:
+ Action: Add log and summary for the 20080515 meeting (ulm).
+ \item
+ \bug{480408}:
+ Already discussed in August meeting, council can be removed from CC.
+ \item
+ \bug{485448}:
+ Migration to the wiki was welcomed by council members. It was noted
+ by dberkholz that the wiki in general could profit from a better
+ skin. Also the list of meeting logs should be folded by default, or
+ moved to a subpage.
+ Action: Complete the migration, redirect old project pages (ulm).