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+\agendaitem{Vote for schedule of meetings}
+\vote{Meetings will be every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 19:00 UTC.}{Accepted
+\agendaitem{Vote for continuing last council's workflow}
+\vote{We shall send a call for agenda items two weeks in advance and we
+shall send the agenda one week in advance. We aim to have the meeting
+focussed, e.g., have major discussions on the -project mailing list
+prior to the meeting.}{Accepted unanimously.}
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+\bug{424647}: No action by the council, for the time being.
+\bug{477030}: No progress.
+\bug{503382}: Action: dberkholz will commit the missing summaries in August.
+\agendaitem{Open floor to council members}
+See full log.
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+No issues were raised.