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+\agendaitem{Dynamic dependencies in Portage}
+\index{dynamic dependencies}\index{package!sys-apps/portage}
+Reference: \agoref{gentoo-project}{6db80f9a66d80a3c4ec0480690ce77e4}
+During discussion, is was remarked that some changes, e.g. to
+dependencies in eclasses, could require mass rebuilds of packages.
+\vote{The council asks the Portage team to first outline their long-term
+ plan regarding removal or replacement of dynamic dependencies,
+ before they remove this feature. In particular, tree policies and
+ the handling of eclasses and virtuals need to be clarified.}{
+ Accepted unanimously.}
+Note added in proof: The Portage team does not intend to remove
+dynamic dependencies, but only change their default to "off".
+\agendaitem{Additional features for EAPI 6}
+Reference: (broken link)
+The three proposed features were discussed and voted on separately.
+\vote{Pass additional --docdir and --htmldir options to configure}{
+ Accepted with 5 yes votes and 1 abstention.}
+\vote{Additional default suffixes for dohtml}{
+ Rejected with 5 no votes and 1 abstention.}
+\vote{Variant of $||()$ that is not runtime-switchable
+ (provisional approval, under the condition that the feature will
+ only be included if an implementation is ready)}{
+ Accepted unanimously.}
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+\item \bug{424647}:
+ No progress.
+ Action: Remove council from CC.
+\item \bug{477030}:
+ ulm has written a summary, which is approved.
+ Action: Commit the summary, close bug.
+\item \bug{503382}:
+ No progress since last meeting.
+\item \bug{520074}:
+ Most council members are of the opinion that this is of little
+ practical relevance.
+ Action: Remove council from CC.
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+dilfridge remarks that axs has revbumped all ebuilds in dev-perl to
+EAPI 5. Some more complex ebuilds installing perl modules remain, so
+perl-cleaner is still needed.