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+\agendaitem{Bug 523828: GLEP 42 update: Unify gentoo-news repo and rsync
+Reference: \bug{523828}
+Noone voiced any opposition to the proposed change (dropping the year
+subdirectory from gentoo-news.git); consensus was to go ahead with it. No
+formal vote was taken.
+\agendaitem{Open Floor}
+\index{metadata.xml}\index{project!QA}\index{ebuild!global scope}
+Michal Gorny brought up the topic of metadata.xml reorganization, which led to
+a lengthy discussion. No formal decision was taken, but a lot of ideas were
+collected for a future elegant and simplified replacement proposal (including
+e.g. using yaml or moving a default e-mail domain of maintainer addresses to
+It was brought up that the QA team lead election is due.
+The question was brought up whether helper functions were ever banned officially
+in global scope. Conclusion was that a) it's been banned from the start in PMS,
+and b) QA has decided already to explicitly make global-scope 'use*',
+'has_version' and 'best_version' fatal since EAPI 6. No action by the council
+needed, only by the portage team.