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+\agendaitem{`Recruiters II' project proposal}
+\index{recruiters II}\index{project!recruiters}
+Reference: \agoref{gentoo-project}{280f7cb2193f8f3302a556d70d75ac47}
+After lengthy discussion the following motion was adopted unanimously:
+\vote{During discussion with mgorny and recruiters, a need for improving the
+state of mentoring future developers was recognized. This could be combined with
+a git contribution / proxy committing / review process. Recruiters should try to
+help improving the process as well. A shortening or consolidation of the quizzes
+should be considered. There is no immediate need to consider a second recruiters
+project.}{Adopted unanimously.}
+\agendaitem{Open bugs}
+\bug{503382}: No news here.
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+\index{project!games}\index{eclass!games.eclass}\index{games!install paths}
+The current status of the games team was brought up. As radhermit pointed out,
+the team seems to be active, and given that noone is required to use games.eclass
+anymore, no contributions are blocked. Inconsistency of install paths will be
+the topic of an upcoming QA meeting.