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+Agenda call: \agoref{gentoo-project}{13a2469254132839bc7e21f63aed00f6}
+Agenda announcement: \agoref{gentoo-project}{716e138cd834ab29e1f74bcc2e35eb41}
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+ \item
+ \bug{571490}: \dev{k_f} stated he would update the wiki and close this bug.
+ \item
+ \bug{565566}: No change of status, waiting for infra action.
+ \item
+ \bug{610990}: There was discussion about using a component instead of a
+ product, but we agreed that using a product was more future proof. Waiting for
+ infra action
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+\dev{ulm} brought up the suggestion that we should get council approval for
+the current PMS because of some clarifications. We agreed to handle this
+in a bug.