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a standard way to install includes (doinclude/doheader)
[Future EAPI] Add support for multi slot dependencies
+Slacker arches
+GLEP 54: scm package version suffix
+Document appeals process
[Future EAPI] newins et al. should accept "-" for standard input
@@ -24,6 +30,12 @@ Support for license groups in ebuilds
[Future EAPI]: BDEPEND (HDEPEND) for classifying build time dependencies as CBUILD or CHOST ones
use_with 3 arg specification differs in portage for $3=''
+Merge -council and -project mailing lists
+council changed the waiting period in "eclass removal policy"
+Slacker point for ferringb
[Future EAPI] Zero-or-one-of operator for REQUIRED_USE
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\chapter{Meeting summaries 2011/12}
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+\agendaitem{Preferring latest EAPI in ebuilds}
+\index{EAPI!usage in ebuilds}\index{devmanual}
+This change should encourage developers to migrate their ebuilds to latest EAPI
+version rather than sticking to old EAPIs.
+\vote{Devmanual EAPI section will be updated so the new text reads:
+"When writing new ebuilds developers can choose whathever EAPI they think is the
+best. Using the features of the latest EAPI is encouraged."}{Accepted by 6
+\agendaitem{Slacking arches}
+The ongoing discussion with arch teams has already provided some good feedback.
+As we now have a better knowledge of the issues affecting arch teams, some of
+the points raised will be moved to the -project ml to expose them to a wider
+audience and to try to find solutions from the community.
+Common issues identified so far are developer burnout and lack of hardware.
+Jorge (jmbsvicetto) is now coordinating between foundation /infra /arch teams
+to see if we can define some hardware specs and get the required resources.
+\agendaitem{GLEP 48 (QA)}
+After a long discussion and a review of the final proposal text, the result is
+the following: 4 in favor, 3 didn't state (abstain)
+Given the result, the \glep{48} update is accepted and can proceed, albeit
+Peteri raised a question how Devrel is going to work out the resolution after
+the process is handled over from QA. It was agreed that the part of the text
+(last sentence of the diff) will be updated with string based on what those two
+teams agree with without more council involvment (unless required otherwise).
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+\bug{344479}: Brian (ferringb) is going to look to it and resolve it (given the
+fact the bug is about him so he should do it :))
+\agendaitem{Open floor}
+They were really really quiet. Nobody wanted icecream.
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+\agendaitem{Project Canterbury, Gentoo's restructure}
+\index{Project Canterbury}
+These two topics were added for April's Fool day. There was enough said about
+them, so we'll leave them for next year.
+\agendaitem{Council web app}
+\index{council web app}\index{GSOC}
+Petteri asked for this topic to be added to the meeting right before it start as
+a student submitted an application for GSoC for doing a council application
+(dead link). As Petteri presented it, the application would provide at least
+the following 3 features: 1) doodle like feature or doodle integration for
+setting times 2) irc bot for automatic log handling (integrate with some
+existing software) 3) handling agendas. Other members noted that if it could
+also deal with voting, that would be great. There was some discussion about
+technical details but the council decided to focus on whether the project was
+desired and leave the discussion about details for later. The council members
+didn't object to the idea and are open to see what will come out of that
+project. Petteri will mentor the student for the project and Brian will watch
+over it.
+\agendaitem{progress on the slacking arches topic}
+\index{arches!slacking}\index{arches!manpower}\index{automated testing}
+Jorge explained to the other council members that he had planned to start a new
+round of emails at the start of the week, but work got in the way. He informed
+the other members that he will send 3 or 4 emails during this weekend about
+"hiring people" (to address the lack of people), "automated testing",
+"statistics" and a revised email about "arch resources". Alex volunteered to
+send the email about "automated testing" and manifested his interest to
+participate in this discussion.
+\agendaitem{Open bugs with council involvement}
+ \item
+ \bug{234706}: The council agreed on adding a note that it's working on this
+ \item
+ \bug{234711}:
+ The council agreed on adding a note that it has decided to use "live" as
+the suffix instead of "scm" if this GLEP ever goes forward and to leave the bug
+ \item
+ \bug{237381}:
+ Jorge promised to finally take care of this bug.
+ \item
+ \bug{237381}, \bug{331987}:
+ Both bugs are on infra side so there's nothing for the council to do about them
+ \item
+ \bug{341959}:
+ Tomas noted that devmanual needs some updates and Alex volunteered to take care of this bug.
+ \item
+ \bug{344479}:
+ Jorge will take care of this bug.
+\agendaitem{Open floor - listen to the community}
+No issue was brought forward to the council.